"vintage" porn stars

Christopher Street

hot,balding, in tight running shorts – Jack Hacker (aka John Best, John Houston) – but who’s the other guy?

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Tbey both look good, but it’s the ‘other guy’ who’s just a fucking knockout and super-fashionable (either side.) This is painful, because there was this immediate sense conveyed of an entirely disappeared world, which Chelsea didn’t replace well. How enviable to feel up his ass in public so freely as was possible then. My god, the outdoor sex in the 70s was sheer bliss.

(funny, your first attempt to post needed my approval, but you appear to have gotten through OK before I saw either, without my help! – hmmmmm)

i remember THAT we discussed Michael Munsey; but not the specifics of how we eventually got to Gantry (blonds! just don’t seem to grab my attention very often!)

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