desktop clutter (pt 12?)

WTF HONCHO 1991? was this before or after the art director was fired? – Rod Mitchell + Kyle Hazard

Lucky Pierre (man in the middle) Mark Farrell – I’ve been trying to figure out who he is, in another context, forever

Rodney James

Brad Peters

pornoclips Richard Locke


Daddy Dearest (1984) – been posting about this film for 20+ years! (Daddy Dearest – “blogger” posts) As I continue my purge of my harddrive of WMV files, pornoclips of movies I have the entire film of, and preview clips, thought I’d throw together some Richard Locke.

Cruisin’ The Castro (1981) – filmed before L. A. Tool & Die, but not released until 2 years after – here’s Locke enjoying some time with Don Talon and Will Seagers

Forbidden Letters (1976) – “tells the story of Larry and Richard, two lovers torn apart by the harsh realities and homophobia of the penal system” – recently restored by the Bressan Project and released by Vinegar Syndrome.

another clip – why not – Forbidden Letters (1976) – Ask Any Buddy podcast takes an in depth look (listen?) at this classic.

"vintage" porn stars

for play?

with 45 posts in the drafts folder, I shouldn’t let myself get distracted over minor things like – who is this guy? why am I fascinated by his curly hair and wondering what, if any films he may have been in? If I saw him near closing time in a bar in 1985, would I have been interested? (did that actually happen? so many questions!)

only clue I have, these pics are from a magazine, undated, called 4-PLAY – solos of 4 men, including of course this guy

edit/update: amazing what happens minutes after clicking “publish” – minutes later, stumbled upon a magazine called Submit, same guy, turns out to be Jesse Fairweather and 1985 is kinda spot on!
2nd edit/update: – and another magazine, Leather Sleaze, with Bosch (huge stache) Wagner

pornoclips pornstar - videography

Robert Blake

who you may remember from such films as:

only 2 films…. 6 years apart!

The first time I saw the cover of Sex Garage, I thought it was Joe Gage – I think the glimpse of ‘stache we get in HANDsome is why I wondered if he was in some magazines like that one – and now it seems he may not have been in HANDsome!

But I digress. Was hoping Sex Garage was also a film, but alas, I tried and found nothing to lead me to believe it happened; just lustful thinking.

Robert Blake (aka Robert Del Valle) on GEVI; if only I could’ve found the Bats and Balls clip/film! And too bad Sex Garage / Body Shop doesn’t appear to have been a film – with Larry Schuller (Brian from Magnum Griffin), Guy Tait, and Ron Stevens (aka Ron Cameron) ! (Ramble on, BJ!)

OH WOW! If you got this far, you already scrolled past the very first pic, which I didn’t have when I first hit “publish” but found minutes later – I have long loved the photo, didn’t put two + two together, even though I typed in the IN TOUCH info below. yum!

who you may remember from such magazines as:

  • Sex Garage (1975) – same photos/photo session as Body Shop
  • In Touch No. 19 (Aug.-Sep. 1975) “Don’t Call Him Bob” pg. 92 (Interview)
  • Body Shop (1975) same photos/photo session as Sex Garage
  • Bats and Balls (1976)
  • Pleasure Dome
  • Manpowered Models vol 1 no 1
  • COCK HUNGRY – from Sex Garage
  • The Jock Book (1976) – a few images from Bats and Balls
  • Illustrated Sports No. 2. (1976) cover, and 20-30 images from Bats and Balls

"vintage" porn stars

Tuesday’s random jocks

“Needing” to post, but being busy with other things, I decided – “nab the first 6 images when you search your hard drive for JOCK” – and here are the results

pornoclips Target Studios

Men Of Bullet

Men Of Bullet download –

lazy post – was gonna try to detail who’s in this, what the original, individual films were called; but just not into it, and I am deleting this from my harddrive, so figured – post, let the readers decide if they want to download

may or may not contain the following: Gene Lamar, Kyle Hazard, Rod Mitchell, Will Seagers, Bruno, Blake McDonald, Drew Burton, Jeremy Brent, John Colby, Mark Anthony, Tim Kramer, Tom (Black Stallion)

Men Of Bullet on GEVI

Palm Drive Video pornoclips


Winter! more time to dedicate to my hobby, pornocrazedrambling, and today (which was yesterday, as I didn’t post this the day I wrote it, but the day after, which is today) I finally digitized my VHS copy of Karatekock Warrior – Chris Burns’ 1988 solo film for Palm Drive Video. If you recall, I’ve been holding on to this tape for years, initially hoping to sell, but finding so little info, I waited, and waited, and well when I finally found some info, this from it’s director, Jack Fritscher: “Looking through my viewfinder, I saw what Erich von Stroheim saw in Norma Desmond descending the staircase in Sunset Boulevard: the proto-plasm of a living ghost. He was a sweet man, but his sex appeal had died. His videos for both Old Reliable and Palm Drive sold, literally, zero copies.” – OUCH! sooooooo excited to have the 1 of zero copies out there, I knew I couldn’t sell! Of course, it barely hit me how rough this assessment was. So, one day I may post the video – but meanwhile, at the end of Chris’ 62 minutes, are some previews – and here they are for you

Speaking of PDV – have any of you seen the documetary, Raw! Uncut! Video!?? It’s just a few bucks, streaming on VIMEO. OK, OK, I’ll admit I haven’t seen it – I keep waiting for it to tour out here – but I think I need to stop holding my breadth, and just enjoy some alone time with it on the TV one afternoon, or late night.

RAW! UNCUT! VIDEO! – Trailer