El Paso Wrecking Corp. Richard Locke

Outside Henrietta

Richard Locke


Dreamer (1975)

Richard Locke


I wish this was better quality – awesome find, from a 1980 calendar – probably MANDATE HONCHO – I think the scanning was fine, but the printed image is a bit out of focus?

Richard Locke

Richard (Butterfly) Locke

TWO KINDS OF HERO: Richard (Butterfly) Locke

I’ve been meaning to link to this article for months, if not longer; alas, stuck in the drafts folder no more!

A personal account of meeting Richard Locke in the 1990’s at something called The Billy Gathering, and several times since, until 1996 when Richard passed. I love this early line in the beautifully written acount –

“I certainly wasn’t sure whether I actually wanted to meet him or just look at him, preferably from a distance.”

– I imagine I would’ve felt a similar awe-respect if I had been lucky enough to have seen Richard in person. Click the link, you even get a few more pics, as well.

Clay Russell El Paso Wrecking Corp. Richard Locke

opposite top, and our coverman

Have I ever made a “tag” for “El Paso Wrecking Corp.”?

probably not a bad idea, but exhausting! and this teaser pic, where I haven’t included the actual cover pic, or inside pic, of Mr. Halsted? An experiment, as I keep forgetting that the wordpress program automatically resizes images, so I can leave larger file sizes for folks to right click on and view, or save, bigger. Or if on your phone or tablet, you can do that 2 finger thing. No, not THAT 2 finger thing! dirty minds!

Actually, I really liked looking at Richard Locke and Clay Russell – and seeing how much taller Richard is! Is the text saying the 3rd man (with clothes on) is Same Gage?

porno paperbacks Richard Locke vintage paperbacks


from the Manhard Books series – MH-494
written by: Sebastian Lamb – 186 pages, published 1979

I’m sure you recognize the photo, coming from the 1975 film Dreamer with Richard Locke and Clay Grant.

Somebody sure liked those prints from the movie! (As do I, of course) – previously: Mouth Piece and S & M Bike Cop – both also with Dreamer pics

KCTC Richard Locke

keep on truckin’

just love this shot, love Richard Locke, and love the film it comes from, Kansas City Trucking Co. (1976)