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Stallion knight

forgot to note the year, from Stallion magazine – “Stallion night at Studio 54”

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by Roy Blakey

I’ve posted many pics from this October 1979 issue of Mandate, which was 8-10 pages in all, including the cover

L. A. Tool & Die Richard Locke


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by Roy Blakey, October 1979

Joe Gage music in gay porno pornoclips Richard Locke

Locke-apalooza! (GAGE edition)

Kansas City Trucking Co. (1976) intro – yes, the first 30+ seconds the screen is black and you vaguely hear, a radio? And soon enuf, the haunting them by Al Steinman – til this day still gets me excited!

El Paso Wrecking Corp. (1977) – again, black screen for first 1/2 minute or so – and this is the FULL intro, usually not seen on most VHS and DVD versions. What can you say, Fred Halsted & Richard Locke! and they never get it on – who does that (or doesn’t do that?) in a gayporno? Joe Gage, of course.

L. A. Tool & Die (1979) – for this trailer, the music is (but in the film, don’t recall if it plays, but otherwise, it’s Music by Al Steinman, Harmonica solos by Chuck Thatcher. ) from Isaac Hayes – Run Faye Run – from the Three Tough Guys soundtrack.

L. A. Tool & Die (1979) “I think you’re in the wrong place, buddy” Oh Richard! my fave scene with Locke – I just love the quotes, like: “And if there’s anything I like better than sucking cock, it’s kicking ass!” or during the fight, when he calls the homophobe “porkshop” – and before JohnnyLlama asks, I don’t (yet) know who Richard’s bearded friend is in the men’s room, or if he appears in any sex scene (would have to be group, otherwise I’d have noticed, or would I?)

Heatstroke (1982) “It’s 7.a.m., it’s 112 in the shade, and the temperature is rising.” – loves this trailer, but, if your kinda ladyphobic like me, be forewarned, there’s a good amount of Suzanne Tyson’s kinda nekkid body is this clip – and also, of course, Man Parrish‘s HeatstrokeTHE porno movie soundtrack song!

Heatstroke (1982) – Locke plays it straight!!! well…. first he offers Clay a beer, chats him up about Locke’s former / Russell’s current, girlfriend, then talks Clay into showing what his ex-girlfriend’s been getting, then, well, why not a handjob? then……

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Daddy Dearest (1984) – been posting about this film for 20+ years! (Daddy Dearest – “blogger” posts) As I continue my purge of my harddrive of WMV files, pornoclips of movies I have the entire film of, and preview clips, thought I’d throw together some Richard Locke.

Cruisin’ The Castro (1981) – filmed before L. A. Tool & Die, but not released until 2 years after – here’s Locke enjoying some time with Don Talon and Will Seagers

Forbidden Letters (1976) – “tells the story of Larry and Richard, two lovers torn apart by the harsh realities and homophobia of the penal system” – recently restored by the Bressan Project and released by Vinegar Syndrome.

another clip – why not – Forbidden Letters (1976) – Ask Any Buddy podcast takes an in depth look (listen?) at this classic.

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Two Days in a Hot Place

Two Days in a Hot Place (1977) – Director: Lucas Severin – This scene – Luke Hanson and Ty Winslow (AKA Richard Locke)

Luke Hanson’s car runs out of gas and he’s soon picked up by rugged stud Ty Winslow who takes him back to his desert shack for a can of gas and mutual blowjobs in an outdoor shower. Of course, now that I’ve watched more than once, I’m kinda concerned about what happened to the other hitchhiker!

Not the best quality, but worth a look – isn’t looking at Richard Locke always worth it? Re-issued on DVD with two other films, never a good sign for quality when it’s also under 10 bucks!

music/soundtrack – – I hear Memphis, Tennessee by Sandy Bull; but I also hear what I am sure is soundtrack/sounds from Fred Halsted’s L.A. Plays Itself!!!