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Entering the Erotic World from Wakefield Poole’s “Bijou” from Gorilla Factory Productions on Vimeo.

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Wakefield Poole (1936-2021)

Apparently, Wakefield Poole passed away on Wednesday the 27th. So little in the press at this point, rather astounding. I found out via FACEBOOK, a post from Vinegar Syndrome, who did great reissues of Boys In The Sand, Bijou, and Bible!; along with a combo reissue of Moving! and Take One.

my Wakefield Poole page

I met him way back in 2002 – during a retrospective of his work called Reflecting Poole at Anthology Film Archives – I was so excited, and wanted everyone to go, so I even made a schedule of showtimes, having just learned how to do html “tables”

and I met him again in 2009 at a talk at the LGBT Community Center in NYC, and he politely pretended he remembered meeting me years earlier at Anthology, when I gushed at him about his work, and how happy I was that he was leaving his collection there where it would actually get his work SHOWN again to the public… sigh… not good at these things… obits…. but had to acknowledge in a small way his passing


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"vintage" porn stars


in only 2 films from what I can tell:

  • Beach Encounter (1971) (MV-5; MV-58) – with DENNY
  • What the Carpenter Saw (1972) (MV-15) – with Richard Sternberger & The Carpenter (AKA Daniel DiCiccio) – see above clip; below pic

plus these publications:

  • MANPOWER #3 (1971)
  • GALLERY SERIES #2 (1971)
  • GALLERY SERIES #4 (1971)
  • MANPOWER #4 (1972)
  • BEST OF GALLERY #1 (1972)

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room service, please

for a quick clip from Room Service Plus (1984); click a photo above. Wish I had better pics of Chris Burns’ co-star Paul Howell (AKA Chuck Burton) – nice cock!


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