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Remove Shoes

Entering the Erotic World from Wakefield Poole’s “Bijou” from Gorilla Factory Productions on Vimeo.

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Some trivia about Bijou, do you know the only dialogue spoken in the film? I’m not including the news report on Bill’s radio in his apartment that plays just before the Led Zeppelin, nor the kids yelling and other urban background noise as he’s walking up (then down) that long staircase in the hallway. Hum the theme to Jeopardy in your head …

The woman in the booth, reading a magazine and eating some piece of fruit, I’m guessing that was Lydia Black based off the credits on gevi (and that Cassandra Hart was the woman whose purse Bill stole). Anyway after Bill hands her the ticket, she looks him up and down, studies the ticket and then says “right through there” as she motions to a door, before rolling her eyes and reading the magazine again. It took me seeing this a few times before I noticed that, just thought it was fairly cool because I felt like there was quite an elaborate story even without words.

Harrison looks great walking through this *scape*. I mentioned the other day that I was aware at the time of seeing Bijou in about 1972-73, that the only porn actor names I knew were Bill Harrison and Joe Markham (although I didn’t know the latter’s name then, I knew who he was.)

Since I’m not one of the *House Scholars*, I wasn’t even aware till now that Wakefield Poole had not only made a lot of films and was a big name in the business, but also that Bijou was his.

I think at the time only the Park-Miller and 55th St. Playhouse were regularly used for new porn films, although there must have been more. The Adonis wasn’t yet. But I didn’t remember anything as arresting and original as this clip, not only at the time, but even through most of the 70s. Sometimes they tried, but it was too often tacky. Peter de Rome definitely did some arty things well in Adam and Yves, especially in “Narcissus”, but I remember few others except for the sex heat.

Amazing what he was able to accomplish with so little. What a spectacle!

And I’d forgotten about the impressive Bill Harrison. I have so few photos of him.

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