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Apartment for Rent

3rd and final scene from Moving!

Director: Wakefield Poole (1974) – starring Peter Fisk and Tom Wright

This scene is best known for the fisting portion, as Poole wanted to honor his partner’s (Peter Fisk) interest in it. But I found the buzzing off of Tom Wright’s hair to be what turned me on! Maybe because I was anticipating the former, and didn’t know about the latter. Saw it for the first time (uncut) in 2002 at a Poole retrospective, and got to meet Mr. Poole!

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Finally – FINALLY – placed my order for Wakefield Poole’s‘s rarely seen 1977 film Take One. While I am a habitual Amazon shopper, I wanted to buy direct from Gorilla Factory Productions, since they have been so amazing making these old classics available again. I last saw Take One back in 2002, during a Wakefield Poole film festival – I was so excited about the series, I taught myself how to do “tables” in html! Highlights I am really looking forward to: Richard Locke and his lover Alexander Stewart have sex on the roof of their home in the desert; the location scenes at San Francisco’s Nob Hill – can’t say I had ever been in my handful of visits to SF, but will be so cool to see this footage, right?

"vintage" porn stars Wakefield Poole

Bill Cable – Wakefield Poole’s Bijou

pornoclips Wakefield Poole

Wakefield Poole’s Bible Special Edition DVD – wow!!

Wow! Wow! WOW!!! I was just trying to modestly update my Wakefield Poole page, because the documentary I Always Said Yes: The Many Lives of Wakefield Poole is currently making the film festival circuit (and I just got my own personal “Donors and Friends Edition” DVD!!) and stumbled upon this, the release on DVD of Wakefield Poole’s amazing BIBLE! Now, while I want everyone to go right over to Gorilla Factory Productions and order a copy (only 20 bucks + shipping), if you don’t know anything about it, I feel, as a pornologist, to “warn” you that it is not a typical porno film – in fact, many might rate it “R”, I don’t recall any gay sex actually, and when I finally got to see it about 10 years ago, I had no urge to pull my cock out and wank (well, except maybe when Brahm van Zetten, who portrays Samson, was on the screen). But it’s a wonderfully beautiful and fun film, and any serious 70’s porn fan should have it. And i remember watching it thinking – “Ah HA! Poole the choreographer! of course!” And I know you can maybe save 2 bucks by going to Amazon, but please, check it out over at Gorilla Factory Productions, because Jim Tushinski is doing an amazing job reissuing and remastering (seriously, the DVD’s I’ve purchased so far are just so well done, and so affordable!) these gems, it’s a small contribution we can make to preserve our gay porn history.

Trailer for “Wakefield Poole’s Bible” from Gorilla Factory Productions

Now, as I’m sure you could guess, what I am really really really waiting for (no, really!), is Poole’s docufantasy Take One (1977) which has Richard Locke making love to his real life partner. Never available on video, DVD, and I don’t think even 8mm, they are working on it now and I really really really can’t wait (no, really!)!!

Wakefield Poole

Take One, please

brothers Dutch and Rudy Valentino (AKA Dutch and Rudy Garcia, per Poole’s Dirty Poole), 1977, from Wakefield Pool’s Take One. The film has never been available on video, but I’m still hopeful that Jim Tushinski, who’s still working on the Poole documentary, Dirty Poole will be releasing it sometime on DVD, like he did with Moving and One, Two, Three.

Wakefield Poole

Take One

Take One (1977), an intricately self-referential “docufantasy” set in San Francisco’s male porn palace, the Nob Hill Theater. The film marries interviews with real men to staged scenarios of their confessed sexual desires. Locke and his lover have sex on top of Locke’s desert home roof, as the sun is setting. Gorilla Factory Productions’ The Films of Wakefield Poole series of DVDs is planning to release a new director’s cut of the long unavailable Take One, but no date has been set.

Wakefield Poole


Peter Fisk and Tom Wright, from Wakefield Poole‘s Moving!

for awhile now, I’ve been mildly obsessed with finding decent pics of Wakefield Poole’s partner, Peter Fisk. He first appeared on the big screen in Boys In The Sand (1972), of course; but it was his appearance in Apartment For Rent – the 3rd segment of Poole’s 1974 film Moving! – that really grabbed my attention. The combination of short hair in a long-hair era, and his half-sleeve (or is it quarter-sleeve?) just seemed so cool for that era. I had never actually seen the full film until a Wakefield Poole retrospective at the Anthology Film Archives back in 2002. (a bit of my impressions of it back then – here)

anyway, remember a few weeks back when google announced they had reformulated their search? Well, unlike most people who google their own names, i of course googled porno directors to see if my site benefited from the new formula. Well, at least a couple weeks back, typing in “Wakefield Poole” I was pleasantly surprised to see my page up in the top 10 results – woo-hoo! (it’s back down again, awwwwwwww) Anyway, it did lead me back to the website for the Poole documentary, Dirty Poole, that’s been in the works for awhile. I had known about this for awhile, and kept thinking I might donate a few bucks to get the remastered version of Bijou, and well, I had just gotten a decent raise recently, and thought maybe before i re-think it too hard, I should do it. And I did. BUT – tooling around the page, i discovered something much more cool on the News and Updates page – Wakefield Poole’s Vintage Film “Moving!” Released on DVD!!!!! Woo-fuckin-HOO! All this to say with shipping it costs only about 22 bucks, I ordered it late one night, and it arrived in the mail today. I had previously prepared a clip of an edited piece from the VHS version, and will post it tomorrow probably. But now, I am turning the computer off, sticking it in (the disc), and cross my fingers that the remastered version is complete – not just the fisting scene (which I was surprised how erotic it was) but more important in my memory, the haircut scene, which oddly also got deleted from the commercial release of the film. more later…..