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Y’all know I prefer Cadinot’s still photography to his movies? Basically the films are invariably very young men, not my taste – but I do recall fondly watching some of these films in Chicago’s Bijou Theatre, and then of course New York’s Jewel / Bijou Theatre, downtown on 3rd Avenue. Despite not particularly enjoying his choice of models, the films are well done, big cocks, lots of thrusting motions, good cum shots, and of course the occasional cum shot that is NOT CUM – but makes me giggle. Can’t recall if the voiceover/dub was also in the films themselves. Includes promos from films released on videotape through Marksman Productions

enjoy snippets from – Harem – (1984) AKA Sex Bazaar; Aime… comme Minet (1982) AKA All of Me; Les minets sauvages (1984) AKA Tough & Tender; Age tendre (1984) AKA Coming Soon; and Hot on the Trail AKA Scouts II – did I miss any?

directors pornoclips

Selo Films

I love the graphic for the film Gemini, but I find this ad from/for Selo Films to be kinda strange and/or misleading – doesn’t it make you think Jack Wrangler is in all these films from this production company? But actually he’s only in Gemini (1977) But why not make a post, with all the SELO Films in one place, as kind of a placeholder. I ought to at least try to get a preview video or two, eh? OK – enuf meandering – list of films, a few pics, some videos, ready to… (reserve the right to re-edit after hitting “publish”!) I guess the point is to look at a production company, rather than the too often, mistakenly credited distributor as the maker of vintage gay male porn. God bless Bijou Video for all they’ve preserved over the years, but they are primarily a distributor, and as far as I know, actually only produced a handful of films, perhaps mid 80’s or beyond? That’s another topic, for another day.

clip from GEMINI

clip from Sins of Johnny X

clip from Kid From L.A.

clip from INCHES

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Sol Rosenbloom

Only one film, Sol? Sometimes New York Men is attributed to Arch Brown, but Arch is credited in the film only as the editor; would love to know more about this solitary effort (as far as I know) that includes some giants in gay porn at the time – Eric Ryan, Lee Marlin, and J.D. Slater (OK, J D was just getting started) in these dream / orgy sequences. And we get 2 pet peeves in one post!!! – a missing scene, and box cover art that is misleading (erroneously putting photos of pornstars not actually seen in the video).

The first clip is the opening 10 minutes of the E-Z Rider version of the film; and you’ll also see the box cover art below (extra credit for ID’ing the stars, and the actual film the photos are from). WARNING – if like me you are not into str8sex scenes, you may want to FF (fast forward, smartasses!) that part. It’s part of the plot, Eric Ryan’s wife, so it makes sense, but, just not for me. But take a quick look at it before jumping down to the actual first scene. While I did sell my Mustang Studios 70-mintues version of the film (but the VHS cassette is shown below); alas I have these lo-res version of both the 63-minute EZ-Rider, and 70-minute Mustang version to get these clips from. And then of course, included in the soundtrack – Oxygene, Pt. 2 from Jean-Michel Jarre. one of the most used tunes in early 80’s gay porn! I don’t doubt theres more uncredited music. SO you are actually viewing scene 2 first, then scroll down for the actual opening sequence.

Above is the actual opening sequence, and you can click the link below near the bottom of the post for the finale.

previous clip from New York Men – after viewing the finale at the link, extra credit if you can name the hairy guy with snake tattoo on his pelvis(?) – here’s a hint – the cast listing: Eric Ryan, J.D. Slater, Scorpio, Robert White, Jose Morales, Lee Marlin, Kimber Wilkes, Beau Ashley, Eddy Slash, Bob Bleeker, and Toni Rose

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Joey Yale

who you may remember from such films as

  • L.A. Plays Itself (1972)
  • Sextool (1975)
  • Abducted (197?) (as Kenny)
  • Rear Admiral (1980)
  • Three Day Pass (1980)
  • The Private Pleasures of John Holmes (1983)

and then his work as director Joseph Yale, with his partner (in life, and running COSCO Studios) Fred Halsted as producer:

  • Alleycats (1983)
  • Revenge of the Nighthawk in Leather (1983)
  • Blown Away (1984)
  • Coverboy (1984)
  • King Size (1984)
  • Trick Time (1984)
  • 7 Card Stud (1985)
  • More Than a Mouthful (1985)
  • Thinking Big (1985)

intro from Night At Halsteds

after credits from Pieces of Eight

directors Wakefield Poole

Wakefield Poole (1936-2021)

Apparently, Wakefield Poole passed away on Wednesday the 27th. So little in the press at this point, rather astounding. I found out via FACEBOOK, a post from Vinegar Syndrome, who did great reissues of Boys In The Sand, Bijou, and Bible!; along with a combo reissue of Moving! and Take One.

my Wakefield Poole page

I met him way back in 2002 – during a retrospective of his work called Reflecting Poole at Anthology Film Archives – I was so excited, and wanted everyone to go, so I even made a schedule of showtimes, having just learned how to do html “tables”

and I met him again in 2009 at a talk at the LGBT Community Center in NYC, and he politely pretended he remembered meeting me years earlier at Anthology, when I gushed at him about his work, and how happy I was that he was leaving his collection there where it would actually get his work SHOWN again to the public… sigh… not good at these things… obits…. but had to acknowledge in a small way his passing


Alan Purnell – briefly

We’ll come back to the subject of Alan Purnell Productions, I promise. Busy trying to enjoy last few weeks of summer – panic sets in when I realize I’ve only been in the ocean 3 times, only 12 whale watches, Long Point only once! the list goes on. Someone mentioned (scold me later) HIM productions only released one film – possibly true, but Alan Purnell at GEVI – is missing Satan’s Boy (1975) – and while we love GEVI, of course there are errors, and missing info, especially gay films from the 1970’s.

The above issue of HIM 28, published in 1980, makes it clear 1982 was unlikely to be the date the movie was released, but quite likely the VHS made it over to America around then. Also makes me wonder about the 50 or 52 minutes of the movie’s length – might the original release have been more? Are there any outtakes, unedited footage somewhere???

So let’s definitely come back to director Alan Purnell, and his 2, or 3, or 4 (“Hard Dollar Hustler”??) or more films. And the publications, alas, all seemingly British, but digging deeper, we’ll get beyond Him.

directors pornoclips

Night at Halsted’s gloryhole

AKA Greatest Glory Hole

Director: Fred Halsted (1980) – Gary Sikes, Ben Barker, and….?

and a nice movie trailer