Alan Purnell – briefly

We’ll come back to the subject of Alan Purnell Productions, I promise. Busy trying to enjoy last few weeks of summer – panic sets in when I realize I’ve only been in the ocean 3 times, only 12 whale watches, Long Point only once! the list goes on. Someone mentioned (scold me later) HIM productions only released one film – possibly true, but Alan Purnell at GEVI – is missing Satan’s Boy (1975) – and while we love GEVI, of course there are errors, and missing info, especially gay films from the 1970’s.

The above issue of HIM 28, published in 1980, makes it clear 1982 was unlikely to be the date the movie was released, but quite likely the VHS made it over to America around then. Also makes me wonder about the 50 or 52 minutes of the movie’s length – might the original release have been more? Are there any outtakes, unedited footage somewhere???

So let’s definitely come back to director Alan Purnell, and his 2, or 3, or 4 (“Hard Dollar Hustler”??) or more films. And the publications, alas, all seemingly British, but digging deeper, we’ll get beyond Him.

directors pornoclips

Night at Halsted’s gloryhole

AKA Greatest Glory Hole

Director: Fred Halsted (1980) – Gary Sikes, Ben Barker, and….?

and a nice movie trailer

Arthur J. Bressan, Jr. directors


from the “how did I miss this” file:

Nearly impossible to see following its brief theatrical release in 1985 and never officially released on home video, BUDDIES makes its home video debut (back in 2018!), newly restored from its long lost 16mm negative, from Vinegar Syndrome . (it may also be on Amazon, but if purchasing, please consider the company that is making this, and other gay films available again – Vinegar Syndrome!) Also available for streaming through Kanopy.

from the New York Times: Long Forgotten, a Landmark Film in AIDS History Is Rescued

and this is all due to THE BRESSAN PROJECT – a collaboration of director Arthur J. Bressan, Jr.’s sister Roe Bressan and LGBT film historian Jenni Olson, The Bressan Project is devoted to the preservation and promotion of the films of Arthur J. Bressan, Jr. THIS IS FANTASTIC! – thank you thank you thank you! so happy to see this!

I saw the film back in the fall of 1985 when it came out; it was devastating to watch at that time, as you probably can imagine (or recall what it was like back in ’85). I have yet to watch again, or purchase – kind of need the right moment. But am ecstatic with its re-release, and the promise of more from The Bressan Project. As y’all may know, I am trying to update (and expand, flesh out) some of my non-blog pages – starting with my directors pages. Do me a favor if you can, and check out my current (and soon to be former) page for Bressan, and my 2020 update (still in progress) – feedback, tips, typos, ANY thing to improve it, I’d appreciate hearing about it either in the comments, or via email. thanks!

Arthur Bressan, Jr. (current page)
Bressan – 2020 updated page

seriously – feedback, tips, typos, ANY thing to improve it, I’d appreciate hearing about it either in the comments, or via email. thanks!

"vintage" porn stars directors Steve Scott

Al + Steve


Director: Steve Scott (1981) 60 minutes running time (these are notes from when I sold a copy on Ebay some years back – don’t worry, I still have this in my collection!

Starring: Al Parker, Jack Wrangler, Will Seagers, Dan Noble, Duff Paxton, Frank Ross, R.W. Stone (AKA Ray Medina), Rob Stevens, Sam Benson, and Steve Taylor

One of two films with Al Parker and Jack Wrangler. Wrangler plays an evil prison guard, forcing men into having sex with him. Parker escapes with straight fellow prisoner Will Seagers, who can’t bare the thought of having gay sex. They are chained together for most of the escape a la The Defiant Ones.

  • Opening sequence has prison warden Jack Wrangler getting oral sex from prisoner R.W. Stone (AKA Ray Medina). Parker and his straight cell-mate Will Seagers lie in their cell and decide to escape before “it’s their turn.”
  • The next day, outdoors doing road work, Al and Will make their break _ while, again, Wrangler is getting oral and anal service, this time by bearded Sam Benson.
  • The escaped duo ends up in a desolate cabin inhabited by rough-looking Duff Paxton. With Parker and Seagers still bound together, Al and Duff relax 69 style that night, with Seagers pretending to be asleep, enduring the homosexual act beside him.
  • Seagers can’t seem to take the sexual issues and hits Parker the next day, breaking himself free and traveling out on his own, only to get caught in a bear trap in the woods. Parker finds and frees him, with Seagers beginning to understand his “odd” buddy. Parker then relates a story of being in a prison shower while he was in the army, as the action switches to flashbacks. Here, he is used by Dan Noble and Rob Stevens.
  • He also tells of an affair with a ranch hand, real-life lover Steve Taylor. The setting in the barn, natural lighting, gentle guitar and harmonica, and the duo’s incredible passion for each other make this an amazingly hot and sexy scene.
  • Parker finally shows Seagers what it’s all about by giving him a memorable oral sex, complete with Seagers’s well-acted restraint mixed with enjoyment.
  • “The photography is near perfect and the harmonica and guitar music is a welcome change from the typical disco beats heard in other films. A decidedly masculine production that’s at once both a classic and an ode to gay male sexuality”. Produced by Frank Ross. No Condoms.

directors Tom DeSimone

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as some of you may know, I am trying to update, clean up, and add to my non-blog parts of the website, (and working on some blog issues, as well) which includes updating my directors pages. While cleaning up links, I saw that my Tom DeSimone link no longer worked, but gave me the chance to purchase the domain. Heck, for a few bucks, why not. Maybe even snatch it up and see if Tom wants it, or I can just use it to keep interest in his porn titles (he’s done a lot more, but my interest, of course, is the porn!) But all due respect to Mr. Desimone, it’s about $2250 more than my budget can handle! sheeeeeeeeesh!!! where do they come up with pricing like that???

of course, if any of YOU want to snag it for me….. heehee! or just inundate them with $5 offers until they bring the price down. way down. way way way down.

"vintage" porn stars directors pornoclips



director: Tom DeSimone (1979)

Starring: Guy De Silva, Rufus, Guy Lance, Derrick Stanton, Steve Event, Lenny Koto, Bill Leonard, Dick Miller, Johnny Ryan, and introducing Johnny Dawes (as B.J.)

director: Lancer Brooks (1980?)

In and out of jail, in and out of trouble, and in and out of each other’s pants; the Bad Bad Boys are up to no good, and no good is what it’s all about.

Johnny Dawes’ (as B.J.) film debut, in a “sadistic”(they force each other to have sex) street gang, the Red Devils. B.J. is new to the gang, and must be initiated. Starring Guy De Silva, Rufus, Guy Lance, Derrick Stanton, Steve Event, Lenny Koto, Bill Leonard, and Dick Miller (as the leader of the gang).

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"vintage" porn stars directors


a still pic with Michael Christopher and Beau Matthews, from Arthur Bressan’s Pleasure Beach (1983).

I’ll probably have to watch the film to see who’s in that poster – this pic cuts off the head.