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meet you at the spice rack

the above clip from Red Ball Express is one of my favorite Joe Gage scenes, and probably my favorite kitchensex scene. Trying to think of others… Johnny Dawes and Beau Matthews in Skin Deep, Jason Steel and Case Harden in Studbusters, Matthew Marks in Naked Lunch, Eric Manhester, Dean Chasen, and Billy London in Head of the Class, Tom Katt and Glenn McAllister in Full Length, Clay Russell and others in Snowballing, Todd & GReg in Heat (see pics above), Victor Houston in The Plumbers, Jason Ross & David Hill in Hot Summer Knights, Aiden Shaw and some soup in Mess Hall Maneuvers, Dylan James and Sam Crockett in The Deep End,Cougar Cash and Seth Tucker in Fast Idle, Jon Vincent and Tony Davis in…. um… and, apparently, nearly every Robert Prion video.

and what did you do on your Saturday night?

pornoclips Steve Scott

Screen Play

there’s something about the look on Lee’s face that makes me love this photo. Not keen on the quality of many of the pics from this magazine (Long Ryder – many images also appear in Bullpen), but these are a couple of the better ones. As you probably know, in the film Lee Ryder plays a drifter who stumbles upon a western being made in the California desert, and begins an affair with the star of the film, Eric Ryan. yadda yadda yadda, by the end of the film Lee is fucking around with Eric’s personal assistant, Jon King. I left in the closing 2 minutes, which includes credits and theme song.

Director: Steve Scott (1984)

Starring: Lee Ryder, Jon King, Eric Ryan, Michael Carr, Robert Vega, Brian Palmer, Champ Larue, Mike Braun, Danny Combs; this (final) scene: Lee Ryder and Jon King

Original song Lookin’ written by Kelchy McHong, performed by Robert Kimbrough

Drummer magazine


enjoying these mid 1980’s Drummer magazines…..

"vintage" porn stars Drummer magazine

who knew?

vol 4, #29 (1979)

"vintage" porn stars


a reader asked for more on Dwan, and I was going to save this pic for a fuller post, perhaps videography, but this is such a rare, good shot of his handsome face. Rare in the early years of video to have such a hairy fucker, I can see why there are fans who can’t get enough.

and of course, that is Jeff Stone with Dwan.

"vintage" porn stars Palm Drive Video pornoclips

Hot Cop v. Muscle Cop

Brutus and Werner Robles

MV44, MV448 (1978)

“For this special occasion we’ve combined a powerhouse bodybuilder and an eager young dude (both making their first appearances) who is so hot for those big muscles… all of them… he pleads and begs to be used and abused. abused he certainly gets and after he tries out the cop’s whistle there comes an ending that’s a double-whammy sure to leave you as limp as they. And just as happy!”

I actually had the 8MM, which I sold during the “great purge” of 2017 – below is from the eBay auction 5 years back

I can’t even remember how I got into this, something about “How much do you know about Brutus?” – the simple answer would’ve been – NADA! But, no, I had to pornoresearch, then put this aside in the drafts folder, then do some more, then find that clip, then the other, then – damn, another?

I Brutus: Muscle Cop Road Warrior (1992)

down the rabbit hole we go…. or went…. seriously, that’s it – I’m spent!

or am I?



so, I just went down a porn rabbit hole because of this – Joe Roberts at GEVI – where there is this: See the picture magazine Zeus Men in Bondage (1979) – and I don’t have the magazine, but only a few shitty captures from an eBay auction or two, and it made me wonder – who has posed for ZEUS? and what aliases do they pose under? or rather – ZEUS model names, plus other names the men have worked as. so here’s the start:

  • Ryder Knight – AKA Bo Richards-
  • Merek Flint – AKA – Leo Hooks
  • Joe Paducah – AKA – Pat Webb
  • Ray Medina – AKA – Julio Campas
  • Ron (Zale) – AKA – Lee Brubaker, Ron Barker
  • – AKA –
  • – AKA –
  • Mickey Squires – well, as Mickey Squires
  • Mark Wolff
  • Gregg Stromm – AKA – Shawn
  • Val Martin
  • Dan Pace – AKA – Rocky Genero
  • J.D. Slater
  • Robert La Tourneaux
  • Bobby Vega – AKA – Chris Stone
  • Steve Landess – AKA – Kristofer Weston
  • Teddy Dillon – AKA – Justin Banks

I already see some I’ve missed, but publish, click….