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Director: Kennith Holloway (1985)

Kenneth Rogers, Dwan, John Rock

This is the final scene, at the rodeo glory-hole. Very hung uncut Kenneth Rogers is jerking off in a stall; he spies on mustached hairy hairy Dwan who starts to show off, then Dwan gets oral. Dwan likes Kenneth’s ass, then he performs oral. Back and forth oral includes the Kenneth Rogers doing autofellatio and licking his own balls. Then Dwan gets topped condomless. In the middle of this, a 3rd guy, John Rock, shows up, and Dwan services him. Despite having 2 of the 3 magazines below that feature action from this video, I could not find an image of John Rock

3 magazines

Loads of Lust
Lust for the Thrust
Ride ‘Em Cowboy

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Kennith Holloway used (borrowed? stole?) a lot of then-popular music in at least some of his movies, I feel confident that the opening song in this scene is from an at least fairly well-known musician but I didn’t recognize it. Earlier in Rodeo you hear an extended instrumental version of Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood – and then Job Site (which I know you did a post on at some point) features a soundtrack including The Human League, a pair of Madonna songs and an extended orgy scene towards the end set to a loop of Self Control by Laura Branigan.

Loved Dwan and his plaid flannel! Fur and flannel is always a great combo.

There was a film with his fucking in a sauna, all sweaty. Awesome! I can’t remember the title.

Thanks for the clip BJ! And the pics.

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