"vintage" porn stars Pantheon Productions photographers


from a 1979 magazine, Deuce Issue 2. Published by Pantheon, photography by COLIN MYER

Ed Wiley (AKA Myles Longue) + Victor Houston – I know they appeared in a film together, Rooftop R*pe, but can’t tell if this is from same “session”

"vintage" porn stars beer Clay Russell

Marine Set Up

Butch McAlister & Clay Russell

“CLAY, the hunky leatherdude, likes to hang around military camps . . . especially where the marines are stationed. BUTCH, a macho type leatherneck, wants to hitch a ride into town for some action, but happens to be particular about who he wants to ride with. Butch is quite aware about how to display his assets in order to get a ride. Needless to say, when that gorgeous hunk of man comes down the road in his pickup truck just outside the military base, Butch checks him out and doesn’t hesitate in taking advantage of the ride offered. As it turns out Clay owns a bar in town and decides to take Butch there for a couple of beers. Also how about a game of pool? Butch gets those hot rock buns over the edge of the pool table to “break the balls.” Clay zero’s in to take advantage of that macho marine’s ass to “bust his balls.” When the leatherneck gets his what for spread over the pool table it isn’t with any cue stick. Well, as the rest of the old saying goes, ‘The Marines Have Landed!‘”

from the 1979 film and magazine, Marine Set Up

While Clay has done a bazillion films, such as: Behind the Greek Door, Snowballing, Fast Friends,The Boys of Venice, Head for the Shower, Marine Set Up, Hot Off The Press, Trick Time, El Paso Wrecking Corp, HEATSTROKE, and Leather Daddy Clay (and a bunch of leather, daddy, cop variations in the 90’s) and much much more; Butch has only done a handful – 3 with Clay – The Boys of Venice, Head for the Shower, Marine Set Up, and perhaps only one other, uncredited: Call Me Ruf and Ready – from Fred Halsted’s / COSCO Studio Earthman series.

"vintage" porn stars Richard Locke

Dreamer- oops!

HA! I thought I was being clever by scanning these two original, large sized VCA (pre-HIS video) boxes side-by-side, but apparently tried something like this back in 2015! Someone remind me to fix the videoclip link (and have ya’ll seen the full one hour, 24 minute version??

J. Clinton West’s Dreamer – (1975) – page needs updating, fleshing out.

Richard Locke’s first film, Dreamer – (1975) – does the video link work?

"vintage" porn stars

Jason Steele

Sometimes, while perusing eBay, I nab pics from magazines with uncredited porn stars, like this one of Jason Steele. You never know when you might need it, right? I can spend hours and hours looking through eBay postings for such “finds”. This one’s from a magazine called Manifest, Issue 20 (“America’s Biggest Bargain in Gay Magazines” – $1.95) – probably from 1984 – and probably from the article titled “Leather Fashions: Off The Rack”.

more Jason Steele from BJLAND here

"vintage" porn stars

Franco Gonella

Franco Gonella, AKA Matt Christy

great scene in Oversize Load with Jeff Turk as Scott O’Hara watches them from the next room, before joining in. But his best work (of sadly only 2 films!!??) was his lead role in Too Big for His Britches – he dreams blows a drill instructor in the shower (director Ronnie Shark AKA Bill Harrison), fantasy 3-way with a cop (see pic below), and finally does it with his potential new employer/boss Chad Johnson.

appears uncredited in HONCHO MAY 1986 – spread called “Oversized Load” – no doubt from the film. And in a pic magazine called “Soapstuds” – from Oversize Load (see below)

Hard to believe only 2 films – but I have a vague recollection he did some more specialty films for Zeus, or perhaps one of the wrestling companies in the mid 1980’s??

could if be that my last mention of him was back in 2004 ?

"vintage" porn stars Richard Locke


"vintage" porn stars Jack Wrangler pornoclips

Joe Roberts

Hunting down pics of Joe Roberts ain’t easy, especially when he’s only done 4 films – A Married Man (co-starring with Jack Wrangler), I Do, A Good Day’s Work (found in Manhandlers Collection), Inches and One on the House (found in Ah Men loops collection (1982) – (via gayeroticvideoindex – thanks); he’s got two pseudonyms (Joe Marconi, Joe Tharp – and a 3rd, “Jack”), and then the movie titles don’t always match up with the magazine titles, like the one above, from One on the House – which is from a magazine called Pinball Master! I have to say, the dates associated with his films seem to be off on GEVI – like my notes show Married Man as 1978 – (vs. GEVI’s 1974) – hard to imagine a “porn career stretching 8 years, til 1982, and only 4 films to show for it. More importantly, check out the clip below and see why Joe has stuck in my mind all these years, playing the gardener in Married Man – the man was HOT! (and I love the beefier him in the above pic). Still trying to figure out where he is in Al Parker’s Inches – either one of the 3 masked guys in Al’s dream of his lover Steve cheating on him, or later, in the bar scene with the Donna Summer soundtrack and anonymous sex. Another puzzle – is that really him as the hairdresser in I Do – mustacheless!! – (egad!!)? Hard to tell from a quick look – anyone?

Joe Roberts in BJLAND

“Hi, I’m Jack Wrangler and you don’t usually see me on this side of the camera…” —– um, what was that, Jack?