bad hair, nice dick

bad hair, nice dick

recent comments have made me wonder if I should add a category – bad hair, nice dick – in this case, I might add “bad pose” – he probably has a perfectly fine tummy, so who told him to “suck it in”?

print porn models

Bruce’s sheets

I was going to do a simple cock pic, with tanline. But sifting through Bruce magazine (a Satyr publication), I just couldn’t resist this other cock pic displayed on these I WANT THEM sheets.

3 postings of Bruce on Retrostuds – none with these sheets!

"vintage" porn stars

more stuffing, please

and of course, stovetop stuffing

"vintage" porn stars cowboys

more cowboys

surprisingly few good pics of Jack Wrangler in cowboy mode

ohhhhh, Richard

and of course, below, from Target Studios , Ramrod # 2 COWBOY; and Ramrod #3 COWBOY

cowboys Mickey Squires

Cowboy Mickey

wow! J. Clinton West, who directed Dreamer (1974) then disappears from porn (as far as I know) for about 10 years, returning for Chip Off The Old Block (1984) and here he is credited for these great Mickey Squires photos from IN TOUCH magazine #53 (1981)!!

“mature” Mickey – wish I had more from this photo shoot!

can’t imagine how many cowboy Squires pics are out there, but he’s in In Touch #53 (1981), Too Hot to Handle #12, Bunkhouse 1-5, (1981) and of course Zeus Collection

"vintage" porn stars cowboys

some cowboys

cowboy or farmhand? I don’t care, do you?


you like cowboy cock?

yeah, that’s a butterfly on my butt; what about it?

move those cowboy thighs closer!

we’re running a 2-for-1 special…

hold my hat while I …..

like there’d be a cowboy post without MICKEY!

More Mickey? sure! Just Because; Cowboy Squires; and Mickey’s butt

cowboys NOVA films

Cowboy Marlin