bad hair, nice dick

bad hair, nice dick

recent comments have made me wonder if I should add a category – bad hair, nice dick – in this case, I might add “bad pose” – he probably has a perfectly fine tummy, so who told him to “suck it in”?

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I would probably like this hair were the top combed to the side, but the sides themselves I like very much like that. There are a few of Toby with long hair, brings out his Englishness–beautiful. Lots with Parker with long hair in later years, but I thought he always looked better with short hair. I think the main thing for long hair is that it has to be perfectly straight, and Parker’s wasn’t (as I recall anyway, but also that he’s one of the few where even some ‘styling’ worked well.) Lloyd Kasper also had long hair sometimes and he couldn’t have looked more desirable, even magisterial (and maybe even more so because of the hair in his case) as in this post you have from 2013 (the one at the top) and when not long, it was often well over his ears.

And outside porn, how about Fabio? He’s aged badly, but back in the day, he was pretty sensational with all that reallylong hair–although I think he would have been just as handsome with short hair. Others did it well, too, like Keith Carradine in the late 70s.

Agree it’s absurd for him to pull in gut, body is already perfect.

I didn’t mean to be annoying with my comment, I just know Obsessed has very definite requirements. I like some of the contemporary very stylized facial hair, but it looks like such a lot of trouble–literally daily to take care of it, and I see boys everywhere who do it, think it’s extremely important. I personally have always liked to be clean-shaven.

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