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Burns & Rogers

sounds like a tap-dancing duo – Burns & Rogers IN HEAT with Joel McCrea, Cary Grant…..

But juggling 5 or 6 posts (in drafts) and realizing I’m moving towards 40 in the drafts folder, this will take but a minute, hit “publish” and done. So besides the rambling that you sometimes witness on this page, in the background is hours and hours and days and weeks of porn rabbit holes….. and I don’t even remember why I needed Clint Rogers name, then which magazines he’s in, then oops I didn’t include any magazines in his pornstar videography …. Search hard rive, search google, search BJland… search porn basement and find this magazine, scan cover, scan contents….

So while I generally don’t get into posting covers – I like the cleaner look of my artful crops- this shows I have the magazine, and may well get around to scanning it fully, and definitely got a few images so I can replace the Chris Burns in the background waiting for something bigger than Clint pic, below. So while I don’t like to update, fix, edit old posts too often, I am enjoying adding new info into my Pornstar Videography series. So, if you contribute in the comments on one of those posts, I will try to incorporate any new (verified) info into the post itself.

Peter de Rome vintage gay t-shirts

destroying t-shirt

I forget where I found this, but it reminded me I have too, too few PETER DE ROME posts! And yes, of course I want the shirt.

update: – his name is Ray Arnez, modeling for MAN-AGE, apparently likes cigars, roof top sex, and is (was) studying law.

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Sex Circus

I was just going to post the one pic, based on the film – Tony’s Inititation (1983) on GEVI – and then I thought to add another, and then went searching for a clip.

Director: Vex Werner (1983)
Starring: Beau Matthews, Michael Christopher, Tim Kramer, Chris Burns, Shawn McWilliams (Tony), Michael Carr, Dean Newcomb, Vix Werner (Jack Werner – “clown in the pie”?), Mike DeMarco , Brian Diaz, Paul Tischler

music by Jack Werner; fluffer: Lenny Ownsome – (do you think the director is related to the music guy?)

Turns out I sold my copy back in 2005; I now have a digital copy, but alas it is only 60 minutes, and my notes from 2005 says it’s 84 minutes – that’s a big chunk missing, which includes at a minimum, the final scene with Michael Christopher ( who I like) and Tim Kramer (who I kinda loathe). So, we may just have to enjoys these stills of beautiful Beau Matthews.

magazines – Sex Circus, and Swinging On A Star

and I’ve posted about this before! (with less words, more pics. oh well)

pornoclips pornstar - videography

Chris Adams

who you may remember from such films as:

  • Gemini (1977)
  • Heavy Equipment (1977)

CHRIS ADAMS – only 2 films??? that’s crazy! And in one, Gemini , they sometimes left off the “s” at the end of his name in advertising materials. And in both films, some of the action takes place on a construction site, so we get the hardhat Chris – yum! He also went by Chris Marlin (NOVA?), which I question because I have so far found no NOVA films, and the magazines are other publishers. And then his last (known) alias was Rusty Baldwin (COLT) – he did some amazing pics with Mike Davis.

Imagine, a few magazines, just 2 films, and you’ve worked with Jack Wrangler, Al Parker, Frank Evans, and Mike Davis!! That the Colt photos seemed to not appear until 1986 seems odd, so I am possibly missing an earlier appearance(?) in print somewhere(?)

Heavy Equipmentlucky-chris-adams with Jack & Al

who you may remember from such magazines as:

  • BLUEBOY Vol 23 (AUG 1978)
  • Man Alive #2 (1978?)
  • Man Alive #4 (1978?)
  • Sex Scenes – #2 SHOWER HOT as Gary, with Frank Evans
  • Stud – #4 – with Frank Evans – same pics as above, but as “Chris”
  • The Jock Book – Vol 2 (1977?)
  • COLT STUDIO PRESENTS #8 – The Great Duals (1986) w/ Mike Davis

Clay Russell pornoclips

Warehouse Load

Warehouse Load – part of the Men at Work magazine and film loop series (1978) – with two of my favorites, Clay Russell and Ron Stevens. I don’t remember where I got the clip, but try to ignore the music, or turn it off completely – there’s no dialogue or even fake grunts.

I just wish I had better versions of the images from the magazine – the ones from the 8MM flyer are great, but I only have bad shots of, not from, the magazine…. of course, this post, cleverly title Russell_RonStevens, shows one image I love 3 times in case you miss it the first two!

"vintage" porn stars


Derrick Stanton, solo (as “TED”), in the film Mighty Load (AH MEN #5). Not to be confused with the 70’s gay fashion house/catalogue AH MEN

A porn shop with racks of magazines (check out the magazine!), sex toys and a (apparently lickable??) display case.

From the AH MEN loops series , which of course included AH MEN magazines; this one, AH MEN #3. For anyone wondering, Derrick does not (in the magazine anyway) actually use any of those dildos – so I’m not hiding anything from you! Of course, no idea where to find the film loop, but we can all keep our eyes open (and anything else) for that.


loadface make me dizzy

“Frank Ross captures the most basic instincts of eight lustful studs.” in BRUTE (1992) OK – I know I coulda nabbed a bit more from the film, should more of the filth; but somehow, at 3am, the ending with the AWESOME camerawork made the most sense…cuz me be crazed