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Clint Rogers

who you may remember from such films as

  • Workload (1983)
  • H.E.A.T. (1984)
  • Bondage Tease (1985) – Close_Up Productions
  • Room for Rent (Filmco) (1985 )
  • Bondage Voyeur (1987) – Close_Up Productions
  • Shooters (1992)
  • Steamy Bondage Hardons (1992)

such a DAD bod for the 1980’s! I’m fairly confident those 2 videos from the 90’s just re-use earlier footage – seems like he’s just doing a solo in each…

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3 replies on “Clint Rogers”

I like that dad bod!

I didn’t know much about Clint Rogers. I have an old set of pics of him and Wade Davis that really showcase that giant dick. They’re “action” pics, so they look like they’re from a video, but GEVI doesn’t show Wade Davis as a co-star. I guess that could be wrong.

I suspect some would not give this guy a second look, but I really kind of like that average dad look. I guess I have daddy issues. Also, THAT COCK.

Yeah, these were definitely not from Nova’s “Something Wild,” and it’s a bad set of pics, very small & not great quality. I must’ve found them many years ago. I’m sure they must be from some hardcore mag. I’d love to replace them with a better quality set. Must do some searching. I’ll let you know if I find anything.

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