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Brad Rowen 1985 Arena Publishing, Power Force Series – PF145

isn’t that Eric Ryan? who’s the other guy? what bar and/or film might this be from?

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Check out the pic below, and note the arrangement of the stuff on the bookcase behind them:

I found this on a blog called “barefoot male pornstars 2” and if the url is to be believed, Eric is with someone named Todd. I checked Eric’s gevi page and the dropdown menu listing his co-stars in films, and there was no Todd listed, so it leads me to think this might have been just from a magazine and not a film. Not certain, but an educated guess. There are more images from this photo set on the post where I found this image, see pics 5 through 11.

I lucked out finding this, either that or I’m getting pretty good at noticing things in vintage pics aside from just the butts and dicks ;)

great job!! – I suspected it was a NOVA/NEBULA star, and I think you got it with

Todd Russell

and likely 70’s as opposed to early 80’s, as both looked more toned in the 80’s

The guy behind Eric does look like Todd Russell, I think you’re right about that. The curly-ish hair and kind of pointed nose seem like a match, though as you said he was quite a bit buffer in the Nova scenes he did so yeah, likely taken when he was a few years younger. Tricking In The Bar is the scene I remember the most from his list of films, nice dick.

Great work! I only have this to add: This photo set is from an Arena mag called Locker No4 (1979). It features a very hot solo spread of Todd Russell and then the bar scene with Eric Ryan and Todd. Great mag. Thanks for reminding me!

BJ, I will send this to you, but it seems like you guys had this covered already. Well done!

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