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BJ’s Favorite Gay Porn Directors

All these men worked in film in the 1970’s and/or early 80’s. Some went on to work in video, as well. While some of these films I am just now discovering, most were up on that big screen at the Bijou Theatre on Wells St in Chicago, when i was young; or later, at the Jewel Theatre on 3rd Ave, in New York City (young, but not as young!) I keep adding as I uncover new tidbits, or have the time to edit, etc. I’ll try to post the “last time updated” for each director on this page, so check back for updates. Enjoy!

  • Arthur Bressan, Jr.
    Only a few films, all high-quality, plus 3 other well-received non-porn films
  • Arch Brown
    A very prolific director, his films spread from the early 70’s and into the video era of the mid 80’s
  • Peter De Rome
    Just a handful of films, all good!
  • Tom DeSimone (Lancer Brooks)
    put out a lot of films; some of the early “weird” ones I havent seen (but they’re on my “to do” list!), and also some truely great films
  • Jack Deveau
    the “master of narrative gay porn” and head of Hand In Hand Films; a fantastic filmmaker!
  • Roger Earl
    just a few titles, like Gayracula and Men of the Midway
  • Francis Ellie
    just a few titles, but some 70’s “classics”!
  • Joe Gage (AKA Mac Larsen post Heastroke 1982-1984)
    What can I say? The hottest films! – and check out my GAGETAPE page –
    (my notes on the “Joe Gage Collection” vs. GAGETAPES)
  • Fred Halsted
    a great porn personality with a mixed track record as director, this link is my intro to Fred Halsted; click over here to go directly to my list of Fred Halsted’s film work
  • Al Parker
    founded Surge Studios in 1979, but his directorial work waited until the 80’s – but stands up with the rest of them!
  • Wakefield Poole
    A bit more filled in, and I got to meet Mr Poole at a festival of several of his films weekend of 6/19/02!
  • Steve Scott
    Some fantastic films, with some of porn’s greatest (Al Parker, Lee Ryder, Jack Wrangler, etc) from the early 70’s thru the video era of the mid-80’s

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