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Ken Bergquist

You may remember me from such films as Chain Reactions, Joys of Self Abuse, Care and Training of the Male Slave, and Master Barber.

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A belated thank you for finding a picture of him that doesn’t show him in profile, or from the back. He had a great tough presence. He reminds me a lot of Sam Elliott. I wish he would have made some films that were more, “vanilla”.

just thought i was very surprised you found this photo of me ,,i am still around and have to say although im alot older now,its always nice to see i am rememberd ,,my question is do you have permission to use and sell the films i appear in and do you have my permission to display my photo,,??????i do not think so

Ken West from SF(formerly Albany) here. Long time no see, Sir. I don’t know if you will get this but if you do, it would be great to say hello. You are a tough one to track down. I found that you opened a shop in Germany but I believe it has since closed. The hunt continues…

Dear Sir,
When you lived near Albany I visited you for a few day and you made me an amazing pair of chaps. I would love to visit you again, if possible. Do you still make chaps?

slave bert

I met Ken years ago when I was just coming out and I had visited his leather shop in Albany NY. He made a huge impression on me with his strength and passion and just being an all around amazing man. To this day I think of him and how he showed me to be who I was and to follow my dreams and not give a F what the rest of the world thinks. I like to think of him as my first mentor lol When I was in town I would visit his store just to say hello. Was by far one of the best huggers I’ve ever known!
It’s a shame to hear of his passing. He was one of a kind and a truly wonderful guy. Rest In Peace my friend! Don’t rough up the angels too much!

some info that was posted online about his shop in Albany NY:

“If you’re looking for leather in upstate New York, look up Savage Gifts & Leather. The owner’s name is Ken Savage and the shop is at 88 Central Ave., Albany NY 12210. His phone number is (518) 434-2324. He will custom make any leather apparel/gear you can dream up and he’s helped me design some custom harnesses. His shop is open every day (except Sunday) from noon til 8pm EST, 11pm on weekends. He also does area shows and welcomes mail orders.”

“Savage Leather
88 Central Ave.
Albany, NY 12210
(5 18) 434-2324
leather and toy store, catalog available”

Ken Savage/Bergquist was also Mr. Southeast Drummer 1984 (believe the contest was held in Atlanta) and was a judge for Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2014. If you look through 1980’s copies of Drummer Magazine, in addition to photo spreads, Ken Savage/Bergquist is also photographed for numerous advertisements.

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