"vintage" porn stars

Karl Forest?

please play this music file – C’Ex – while reading this post

the above image I nabbed from an eBay auction – GAI PIED #313 – no info on the magazine, (late 1980’s?) but I can see Michel Guillot credited as the photographer. I think it’s Karl Forest … see the handful of images I have of him below to see if you agree. Then, if it is, is it worth the $12 with shipping to get a better quality version, if that is the only image of him in the magazine?

Of course, Le Beau Mec is one of my Top Ten all-time favorite porno films – and he’s in only one ( Hommes Entre Eux– AKA Men Between Themselves) or two (In Tense Heat – not clear if he is actually in it) other porno films, and a small role in a “legit” film – Johan (1976), which I have yet to see.

"vintage" porn stars

look at me, then your cock

AMG, Old Reliable, Surge Studios, miscellaneous mid-80’s direct on video…. but not much Tico on BJland! hmmmmppppf!

oh wait – a bit more Tico

Target Studios


published 1981; sold 2012 (sigh) – love the logo

"vintage" porn stars pornstar - videography

Doug Weston

who you may remember from such films as

  • Gayracula (1983)
  • A Matter of Size (1983)
  • Heads Up – from the Buckshot Triple Treat collection (1983)
  • The Bigger the Better (1984)
  • French Lieutenant’s Boys (1984)
  • Tough Competition (1984)

"vintage" porn stars men in suits

Mr. Connors

from a November 1984 Honcho photospread, BIG BUSINESS, Dave Connors

"vintage" porn stars photographers


Here’s an example of a good photo (one I can’t recall seeing elsewhere) but it’s a poor “copy” of it, as it’s something I nabbed sometime ago from an eBay auction, where it’s not scanned, but rather a photograph of a centerfold from a Roy Dean calendar from 1978.
In the fuller image below, you can see how it’s not flattened enough to photograph its best – but at least I know to keep digging for a better version –

"vintage" porn stars

balls, blue

nabbed this pic from eBay a few weeks back – but I can’t stop staring at his balls!
it was just marked “NOVA” – but the style looks more AMG to me – but don’t know if he did any work for AMG (and yes, NOVA, COLT, Western Man… so why not AMG!) – maybe it’s the bright blue backdrop, maybe it’s the shiny balls…