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Bob Blount

(AKA Lloyd Kasper)

who you may remember from such films as

  • Driveshaft (1978?) (COLT, w/Mike Davis)
  • The Frenchman and the Lovers (1979) w/Dan Gentry
  • Inches (1979) w/Al Parker
  • L.A. Tool & Die (1979) w/Chuck Cord

who you may also remember from such publications as

  • “Natural Man” – Honcho Vol. 1 No. 7 Nov. (1978) – photographer Roy Blakey
  • “Man of the Month” Playgirl ( Apr. 1979)
  • “The Men of Colt: A Retrospective” Mandate (Apr. 1979 )
  • “Denim Iniquity” Honcho (Jun. 1979)
  • Locker #3 (1979) Arena Publications – meets blond hiker Karl on a mountain highway
  • Studflix Vol. 1 No. 3 (1982, featuring film Inches)
  • Private Files #2 ()

3 replies on “Bob Blount”

Oh man, the top Colt one works *just fine* in my book for MEN IN SUITS. Fuck he’s gorgeous. And on the motorcycle too–perfect crotch projection. Although it makes you remember his tragic end.

I must have seen L.A. Tool and Die at the Adonis, but somehow can’t remember it. I do have Driveshaft on the Colt compilation 11, although I still haven’t got that one repaired. That’s where I first saw him, and was immediately struck by his beauty. He looks fabulous with long hair especially, and although he looks sublime with facial hair, in his case I like him clean-shaven even better, so you can see what an exquisite, singular face he has, especially those wonderful lips.

One of the most beautiful men of the 70s.

ha! MEN IN SUITS??? ummmmmmm… L.A. Tool & Die – the scene is after Locke reaches L.A. and gets a job, there’s an accident, and Bob Blount helps out a young guy who has an accident at work – taking him home, pops in to see how he’s doing when his robe comes untied, and you can figure out the rest

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