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Tom Quinn

OK, OK, he was only Tom Quinn for that one Falcon solo film….. but we all know him as Tom Hartung

who you may remember from such films as:

or, who you may remember from such magazines as:

  • Hard Men #1
  • Chevron #1 (1979)
  • STRAP #1 (1979)
  • Buckeroos 2 (1979)
  • Hard On #1
  • Target Album No1 (1981)
  • HONCHO (January, 1981)
  • Mandate (March, 1981)
  • HONCHO (September, 1981)
  • The Men of WESTERN MAN (1981)
  • TARGET 1982 Calendar
  • JOCKSTRAP (1981) Le Salon
  • HUNKY & FUNKY – cover
  • STALLION (April 1982) – cover only?
  • TITPLAY! Le Salon
  • 100 HORNY BUTTS (1982) LeSalon
  • STALLION (August, 1988)
  • HONCHO (August, 1990)

  • CPU-1 – Target color photoset
  • PU-1 – Target black & white photoset
  • SU-1 – Target slide set

JLLama – “photographer Colin Meyer was aka Charles Overmeyer. He appeared as a model in Western Man’s “Strap No1″ with his then-BF Tom Hartung.”

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Rick Madison

who you may remember from such films as:

Rick Madison – wow! barely any films, not many magazines/photos – but the look. Especially in the Wakefield Poole film below – almost ripped from my early NYC years – Midtown Manhattan office, businesses sharing a bathroom and then you see this guy checking you out! oh my!

who you may remember from such magazines as:

  • Ramrod No4 (1979) – Target Studios
  • STROKE 2-3 (1983) – film review

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Robert Blake

who you may remember from such films as:

only 2 films…. 6 years apart!

The first time I saw the cover of Sex Garage, I thought it was Joe Gage – I think the glimpse of ‘stache we get in HANDsome is why I wondered if he was in some magazines like that one – and now it seems he may not have been in HANDsome!

But I digress. Was hoping Sex Garage was also a film, but alas, I tried and found nothing to lead me to believe it happened; just lustful thinking.

Robert Blake (aka Robert Del Valle) on GEVI; if only I could’ve found the Bats and Balls clip/film! And too bad Sex Garage / Body Shop doesn’t appear to have been a film – with Larry Schuller (Brian from Magnum Griffin), Guy Tait, and Ron Stevens (aka Ron Cameron) ! (Ramble on, BJ!)

OH WOW! If you got this far, you already scrolled past the very first pic, which I didn’t have when I first hit “publish” but found minutes later – I have long loved the photo, didn’t put two + two together, even though I typed in the IN TOUCH info below. yum!

who you may remember from such magazines as:

  • Sex Garage (1975) – same photos/photo session as Body Shop
  • In Touch No. 19 (Aug.-Sep. 1975) “Don’t Call Him Bob” pg. 92 (Interview)
  • Body Shop (1975) same photos/photo session as Sex Garage
  • Bats and Balls (1976)
  • Pleasure Dome
  • Manpowered Models vol 1 no 1
  • COCK HUNGRY – from Sex Garage
  • The Jock Book (1976) – a few images from Bats and Balls
  • Illustrated Sports No. 2. (1976) cover, and 20-30 images from Bats and Balls

pornstar - videography


who you may remember from such films as:

  • Dreamer – (1974) (both the Forest Fantasy and the Box Car scenes)
  • The Sins of Johnny X (1975)
  • Catching Up – (1975) – (see clip below)
  • Morning, Noon & Night (Cosco) – (1975)
  • Snowballing – (1975)
  • Six Card Stud – (1975)
  • The Teenager and the Fugative – (1976)
  • Men’s Room (Pyramid) – (1976)
  • The Kid from L.A. – (1977) – (see clip below)
  • Desert Fox – (1978) found in both California Fox – (1979) and Pieces of Eight – (1980)

Keep scrolling, and you’ll see it was near impossible to find pics of Dave Daniels that didn’t include Mike Morris – (not that I’m complaining about Mike Morris!) – but Dave did do more films than Mike (who was in Desert Fox, Joe Gage’s El Paso Wrecking Corp, and of course his COLT film, Summit Meeting) – Dave’s 9 in 5 years compared to Mike’s 3. And Dave didn’t appear (as far as I’ve been able to tell) in many magazines, (not being a COLT model like Mike) – perhaps only the 2 related to Desert Fox listed below. And just some photos from ads. Of course, I’m happy to update if I get additional info. Oh, yeah, I have a Dreamer brochure (somewhere) that should have a pic or two of Dave.

Enjoy the clips!

scene from Catching Up – (1975)

Dave is certainly into dirty talk, we got a Pink Floyd tune on repeat for the soundtrack, and Keith’s huge cock – Keith is remarkably quiet in the scene (granted he’s often got his mouth full).

you may also remember Dave from such magazines as:

  • IN HEAT #3 (1978)
  • DESERT FOX (1978)
  • Western Men (1978)

OK – that might be it for magazines – let’s check out another video clip

The Kid from L.A. – (1977)

Billy Preston, Vangelis, and as director Steve Scott enjoys, ambient sounds of traffic while Dave and Duff Paxton get it on in the back of Dave’s van. Is it me, or does the inside of this van look HUGE?

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Damon Douglas

who you may remember from such films as:

One film (apparently, a solo while 2 “peeping Toms” watch and get turned on); and 3 magazines? THAT’s IT? Handsome mustached hairy fucker, c’mon! There’s got to be more!

Damon Douglas

who you may remember from such magazines as:

  • Shooters – #1 (1983)
  • HONCHO September (1984) – Please, Sir – 4 or 5 pics
  • HONCHO November (1984) – cover – more pics from same shoot in S & Men
  • S & Men – Surge Studio

NOT making the cover shot of the Shooters magazine makes me think yes, not only did he do “only” a solo, but probably wasn’t filmed with any of the other models, right?

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Mike Cole

who you may remember from such films as:

  • Finding The Way – (1978) – (from the How the West Was One loops) ???
  • Cellblock – (1979) – with Hal Drake
  • Flesh and Fantasy – (1980) – Overtime Training – aka Workshop
  • Flesh and Fantasy – (1980) – Reflections of Love

No idea where or why MIKE COLE was getting mixed up with Keith Anthoni – let’s save that for another time. But, at the same time, not sure this early 8mm film and magazine called How the West Was One could be Mike (or Keith, for that metter). Last few pics at bottom – opinions? (OK – just as i hit “publish” I found it is a different guy – duh! – the other Mike Cole)

Mike Cole at Gay Erotic Video Index
previously on BJland: senses working overtime

here’s a taste, from Cellblock – (1979)

who you may also remember from such magazines as:

  • How The West Was One (???)
  • Cellblock (1979)
  • Overload – glossy featuring photos from the films contained in Flesh and Fantasy
  • Skinflicks Vol. 1 No. 5 – (1981) – possibly in Flesh and Fantasy feature

Palm Drive Video pornstar - videography


who you may remember from such films as:

Vincent for PAEAN Studios, Vito Milan for FOX Studios, and Brutus for COLT and Palm Drive Video. The first 3 studios all late 1970’s (even though COLT did publish a few pics in the 1980’s – see below), and then his work seemed to focus on Drummer (Wings Video I would include with Drummer) and Palm Drive. According to Jack Fritscher, Brutus was the most frequent model ever featured on the cover of Drummer. Sounds like another research project, as I have yet only to find the 2 featured below!

who you may remember from such magazines as:

  • Pander (1979) – Vincent – from PAEAN Studio
  • Men of Action No2 (1979) – Vic – Action Male Studios
  • Drummer 70 (1984) – Brutus
  • COLT Videoview (1986)- Brutus
  • Drummer 144 (1990) – “I, Brutus: Muscle-Cop Road Warrior,” poem
  • Drummer 157 (1992) – Brutus
  • Colt Calendar Men 4 (1994) – Brutus
  • ()

update: added pic and added ID –