"vintage" porn stars

locker 3

Beautiful, hairy, bearded, uncut Bob Blount (AKA Lloyd Kasper) meets blond hiker Karl on a mountain highway. I sold this
46-page magazine back in 2006. I did not keep the best scans, but have since managed to get quite a few online, mostly, yes, eBay auctions! The magazine was from ARENA PUBLICATIONS, published 1979, and contained only 2 pages of ads – the rest are photos!

Bob Blount videography / publicationography(?) <<<=== here

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BJ–I’m literally not signed in to any social media! Fossile, eh? Just to let you know where you’d quickly see it that I couldn’t access the site for some hours last night nor the night before (also several hours.) I assume you know this, but I wasn’t having problems getting into anything else. Thanks–P.

thanks – nope, had no idea? Was it just the blog, or the entire site? (If you only come to the blog, that’s ok – the reason I ask, if its the blog, it could ALSO be the entire site, or just a wordpress issue) – other way of checking, in future, would just be to try


I’ve been to that bjland address many times, but it is possible I didn’t these last two nights, probably actually did assume it was the whole site. So definitely I couldn’t get the blog Friday and Saturday nights for some hours, and was surprised when it was up yesterday morning, but forgot to mention it then. I checked it a lot of times, thinking it could be my connection, but I could get everything else. As for wordpress issues, if it happens again, I will check some other wordpress sites I use and see if they’re affected. I’m pretty sure I didn’t like at any others last night or the night before. Maybe some others will chime in on whether they had trouble. I’ve had brief trouble connecting before, but that was only when I couldn’t get any site, and the modem, and outages in the area, etc. It’s true I mostly come to the blog, like several times a day, so that’s all I know for sure about. Hope it keeps working–I’ll see tonight if it happens, of course–was odd that it only happened 2 nights in a row and was easily accessed the following mornings.

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