"vintage" porn stars Target Studios

Hazard pay

i was rapidly zipping thru the porn machine (this P.C.) looking for a specific photo, and then


let’s observe a few moments of silence

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damn he’s hot. something about this particular photograph that really grabs me


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"vintage" porn stars Target Studios

Dan Donovan

From what I can tell, Dan only modeled for Target Studios, appearing in two publications – Javelin #1 , and Ramrod #3 – as well as two photosets, one solo, and with with “Jerry”. All this is from 1975. In terms of filmwork – while I was gonna “tease” GEVI for listing Dan as “Dan Donovan (80s)” (the “80’s” designation seems to happen when these films are transfered to videotape, usually in the 80’s) but I have to give him credit for noting that the 2 films listed are really one film split into two when it came out on tape – Couplet with Glen Dime (contained on Bullet Vidopac 4), and Danny Boy (contained in Bullet Videopac 3) – and I imagine these well made have been 2 solos where 1 model is imagining the other? Further investigation needed!

Intern! Cue up the videotapes!

Dan Donovan on GEVI – Gay Erotic Video Index – I think the 4 listings are various video version of the one, same film.

"vintage" porn stars Target Studios

where’s the jac-uzzi

Not a lot of pics of Mr. Bull Dozier, having only appeared in 2 films: Up Tight! (AKA Closeup, with Nick Rogers), and Satisfaction (AKA, Bull Dozier) a solo – (“pulsating warm water in a hot tub turns Bull on”); and these publications: Target Album #2 1981; Bullet’s Bull’s Eye, 1980 Target Calendar, Mandate November 1979, Honcho December 1979 and November 1998 (!); and I think he’s part of a Richard White Illustration Set (drawings of Target stars).

Target Studios


published 1981; sold 2012 (sigh) – love the logo

print porn models Target Studios


I love this photo! but of course, I do not love the quality of it, it’s a bit blurry. Here’s why. As some of you may know, one source I constantly scan for “finds” is eBay – but most sellers don’t use a scanner, but a digital camera – probably a phone, and therefore many pics are slightly distorted (not flat) or fuzzy and out of focus. Recently, someone posted a whole bunch of Target and Colt photosets – with varying quality. BUT…. I downloaded them, as they are a good resource, a reference for me when I get to see 6 or 8 photos in their original set that Jon Target or Jim French was selling decades ago.

The seller might have the correct identification of a model, or I recognize him, or I take a look over at the TARGET STUDIOS page at Gay Erotic Archives (not to be confused with Gay Erotic Video Index) and do some comparisons…. There I learned that Dino has also been paired with Joe in “The Hayloft” photoset, and with Bob Fielding and Chuck in the “RAUNCH” photoset; and he appeared in Target’s JAVELIN #1 – all in 1975. But of course, that page isn’t all inclusive (but it is all awesome as a resource!) and then I take a look at Gay Erotic Video Index to see if someone has done any film work – and alas – Dino has! – possibly just this one appearance in a short called Screen Test, which may never have made it to VHS or DVD. And, interestingly, it’s a short with someone named “Rusty” – and THAT name is nowhere to be found on the Gay Erotic Archives page.

…. ahhhh, I’m exhausted!

"vintage" porn stars Target Studios

Mr M

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and yes, I know I’ve posted a version of this photo before

"vintage" porn stars print porn models Target Studios

Ted Brennan

publications: Ramrod #4 (1979); Honcho Nov 1979; and probably Hot To Pop – one of those Bullet/Target magazines from the 1980’s (I’m still having trouble with the tattoo and scruffy beard!); and a B&W Photo Set (PR-01) and Slide Set (SR-01) – 1979 seemed to be the only year for Mr. Brennan, except for subsequent appearances from those same photo shoots