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Chuck n Roger

from an 11-page spread, the first 3 pics are just ROGER – as seen just above (one of the few cock-peaking out of cut-offs pics that I like (LOVE!)) – then each guy, with an inset of the other above, another ROGER, and finally several of these hot men together. What I love about Target’s shots in this spread is the number of poses focusing primarily on their affection, and yes, bits of cock and hot bod as well. And no, I didn’t edit out part of Roger’s cock – that’s the way it appears in the magazine, which is why it captivates me – more sensual and affectionate.

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Target Studios

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Target Studios

Mr. Veiny

and Bruno

Target Studios


photographers Target Studios


back cover of one of the Males In USA publications put out by JDC Studios (Cadinot) – these one featuring the work of Jon Target (Target Studios) – model Brand (and here – Brand) – if you search “BRAND” on BJland you’ll get too any results, so I’ve linked 2 / 3 = including his AKA Brahm Van Zetten – I’m pretty sure the setting is Fire Island.

If I remember correctly, there might also be ROGER, Boyd Winner, and other models you’ve likely seen from Target.

pornoclips Target Studios

Blues in the Afternoon

Rod Mitchell and Josh Kincaid


Blues in the Afternoon (AKA Hit the Deck) (1979) – (mentioned before on BJland – I keep wondering why Target often has 2 names for their films. Perhaps the initial film release has one title, and when they re-released on VHS, along with a magazine, it got the new title? Just a guess. All images, save the 8mm advert just below, are from what I think is a publication called Blues in the Afternoon – or an extensive spread in something else – 25 pages in all, set in Fire Island – gotta be the Belvedere – right? Love the photography – and while my preference might usually by close-ups and medium shots, I enjoy Jon Targets eye for showing these beautiful bodies in the longer shots, with the awesome angles of the pool and deck on black and white. Having said that, my favorite photo of this pair is definitely the last one in this post.

pornoclips pornstar - videography Target Studios

Josh Kincaid

who you may remember from such films as:

  • Blues in the Afternoon (pts 1 & 2) AKA Hit the Deck (1979) – Bullet Videopac 5 – with Rod Mitchell
  • Teacher’s Pet AKA Master Lesson (1979) – found in Bullet Videopac 9 – with Bruno
  • Against the Rules (1980) found in FVP008 – w/Mac Turner in pt 1; Mac & Eric Nolte in pt 3
  • Three’s Company AKA Coming Attractions (1981) – found in Bullet Videopac 8 – with George Broadway and Rod Mitchell
  • Tad’s Lads ???? – check out link, I don’t think so

I think this is the best place to pause, and read. My god what an ass! Isn’t Kyle lucky! Anyway, 3 loops for Target Studios; 2 include Rod Mitchell (needs its own post). Plus 2 for Falcon – on the same VHS tape ( Against the Rules has 3 parts, Josh is in #1 and #3; pt 1 is a bit disturbing, I have to say, as the “kid/cadet” keeps saying no to “coach”; pt 3, the 3-way, is portrayed as totally consensual). It’s interesting in porno world, you can do a couple of films in 1979/80, but the magazines can go on for years. In this case, I don’t know that any new still photography came out after 1980 – looks like everything was created off the films, and then, by what, 1982/83, with the popularity of home video, magazines reflected “new” VHS releases of films made years earlier, and featured these earlier imagery.

Two Three mysteries – Kyle Hazard and Josh – no film(s)? and stills of Josh and Branch Lester? Don’t think I’ve seen those. 3rd mystery, having pontificated that the stills are all from the film shoots, or about the same time, what about the July 1982 issue of Honcho, photos from FALCON, of Josh poolside? Same shots, or corresponding shots in the 1982 Falcon magazine FALCONERS #4 (promoting FVP008 “videopac” Against the Rules. No such corresponding film, as far as I know!

Josh Kincaid on BJland
Josh Kincaid on GEVI (Gay Erotic Video Index)

who you may remember from such publications as:

  • LANCER #2 (1979) –
  • March NUMBERS – (1980)
  • Falcon File No8 (1980)
  • 1980 Target Calendar
  • Falcon File No9 (1981?)
  • BLAST – Target Studios
  • Target Album No2 – (1981)
  • Blues in the Afternoon ?? – Target Studios – 23 pages (part of larger mag.?)
  • PLAYGUY v06 n09 – (1982) – only 1 pic
  • LOADED – (1982) – Target Studios
  • Against the Rules – FALCON
  • FALCONERS #4 – (1982) – FALCON – cover + 10-page spread
  • June HONCHO – (1982) – 1 pic?
  • July HONCHO – (1982) – cover +
  • December TORSO – (1983) – ??
  • April JOCK – (1985)
  • Sept MANSHOTS – (1998) – Bullet Videopac 9 review
  • June MANSHOTS – (1999) – Bullet Videopac 8 review
  • DOUBLE TROUBLE B&W Photo Set (PR-04 – 1979) Josh Kincaid & Franco [Branch Lester] – Target Studios