"vintage" porn stars Target Studios


of course I have posted about Brand before, and was going to again now that I have obtained this Playguy from 1977…. but then Doug – dark mustached, dirty blond – caught my eye. I think he may have also posed with Brian Dexter. Can’t (yet) find any good solo pics, and certainly wasn’t going to cut out Brand’s nice cock….

oh, here we go – who’s your friend?

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Adam Adams

who you may remember from such films as:

  • Bedtime Story (1979) AKA Pier Pals
    – contained in BULLET Videopac #7 –

oh. hmmmm. one (known) film. hmmm

Well, if you’re going to do only one film, do it with super hung Ed Wiley (Myles Longue to some of you!)
Ed Wiley and Adam pick each other up on Manhattan’s abandoned piers, feel each other out and head back to an apartment. There they 69 and rim each other until Ed docks his prick into Adam. They hose themselves down with man juice and relax as they snuggle up to each other.”

(my apologies, haven’t perfected how to convert DVD to mp4, and missed last 55 seconds of the film! oops! but you get the important stuff, not to worry)

Adam seemed to have worked with just one other model, in print only, Dak (who appeared in a solo as “CHAD” found in a video compilation called Singlehanded – you can guess the them; his only non-Target film, I believe made for Brentwood) – but I digress! Odd that I have not (yet) found Adam in any of the official Target issued magazines, but in a couple of later-issued ones – and special super thanks to JohnnyLlama for his help locating these!


  • Action Pak w/Ed Wiley
  • Ten Inch Tools w/Dak – only about 4-5 pages
  • also in a photoset with Dak (PN-03) and slide Set (SN-03) – 1976

print porn models Target Studios

Parrish hankering


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Target Studios

Ramrod 4 – Leathermania

Figuring out who’s in this publication would take more than a day’s dedication, and clearly many of the pics aren’t from 1979, it’s year of publication – but as early as 1976, 1975, 1974? The above is from an eBay auction many years back, decent example of who’s in the mag – Ted Brennan and Jeremy Brent; Clay Russell; Bull Dozier; Bob Bouchard/Leo Stone; Fred Halsted, Boyd Winner; Dan Pace/Rocky Genero; Bill Ford; Rick Madison (mustached daddy-type) – oh wait, is Bill Ford and Rick Madison the same guy? OK, enough (for now) – and feel free to (politely) add names in the comments – other from RAMROD 4 – LEATHERMANIA.

some photos taken at ;“The Pit” in Chicago (but who are the models?)

more (maybe) Ramrod 4 on BJland; and of course much more Ramrod 4 at RETROSTUDS

Fred Halsted Target Studios

Halsted and…..? (pt. 2)

OK – here’s some better quality pics – I still dig the ones in the previous post… but who are the other two guys? The one is like a mash-up of Dan Pace and Brand

Fred Halsted Target Studios

Halsted and….

I might guess Dan Pace / Rocky Genero, but, I dunno….

note: sorry for the quality, but these images are from slides posted to eBay for sale some months back

"vintage" porn stars Target Studios

K I S S…

Rod + Kyle