"vintage" porn stars Target Studios

and Pete


bear Target Studios vintage gay t-shirts

Tool Box Bear

Target Studios’ adorable Tony Nero – a bunch of work in 1981, then some pics re-surfaced mid 1980’s and some newer ones, including leather pics around 1986, including HONCHO and Drummer magazine spreads – I think USHER did some of these later pics

note the t-shirt was no doubt from the TOOL BOX BAR on West Street – not to be confused with the other Tool Box bar that opened in around 1990 on 92nd street.

Target Studios tattoo


ahhhhhh. from Target Studios, they appeared in one film together, Up-Tight! Bull Dozier and Nick Rodgers

print porn models Target Studios

Jimmy and Steve

what I love about this series from Target Studios, is the bold indifference to trying to make a real fake western scenario – instead of both guys in Cowboy hats, perhaps boots, a kerchief, maybe a saddle in the background; here, one is vaguely a cowboy, the other a motorcycle guy – just gay outfits, in some seedy locale, getting naked.

Target Studios


from TARGET: JAVELIN #1 (1975) – with models like Bruno, Chuck Samson, Brand, Dino, Reb, Barry, Nick, Zack, Dennis Johnson, Steve Packard – who is this? (Retrostuds has him ID’d as Dutch Rainer) That name pops up again in TARGET ALBUM #1, (1981), the 1982 Target Calendar (which as I am typing and researching I realize I sold back in 2005! Nooooooo!), and some 1981 photosets – no known film work

and of course our buddy over at Retrostuds has plenty more from Javelin #1 – but I only see the one page of this guy.

heading to my pornoharddrive – I find this from the 1982 Target calendar. So who is the guy above?

"vintage" porn stars Target Studios

Hazard pay

i was rapidly zipping thru the porn machine (this P.C.) looking for a specific photo, and then


let’s observe a few moments of silence

scroll back up if you need to; don’t worry about me

damn he’s hot. something about this particular photograph that really grabs me


more Kyle

"vintage" porn stars Target Studios

Dan Donovan

From what I can tell, Dan only modeled for Target Studios, appearing in two publications – Javelin #1 , and Ramrod #3 – as well as two photosets, one solo, and with with “Jerry”. All this is from 1975. In terms of filmwork – while I was gonna “tease” GEVI for listing Dan as “Dan Donovan (80s)” (the “80’s” designation seems to happen when these films are transfered to videotape, usually in the 80’s) but I have to give him credit for noting that the 2 films listed are really one film split into two when it came out on tape – Couplet with Glen Dime (contained on Bullet Vidopac 4), and Danny Boy (contained in Bullet Videopac 3) – and I imagine these well made have been 2 solos where 1 model is imagining the other? Further investigation needed!

Intern! Cue up the videotapes!

Dan Donovan on GEVI – Gay Erotic Video Index – I think the 4 listings are various video version of the one, same film.