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where’s the jac-uzzi

Not a lot of pics of Mr. Bull Dozier, having only appeared in 2 films: Up Tight! (AKA Closeup, with Nick Rogers), and Satisfaction (AKA, Bull Dozier) a solo – (“pulsating warm water in a hot tub turns Bull on”); and these publications: Target Album #2 1981; Bullet’s Bull’s Eye, 1980 Target Calendar, Mandate November 1979, Honcho December 1979 and November 1998 (!); and I think he’s part of a Richard White Illustration Set (drawings of Target stars).

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Practically nothing on Google. Would love to see more of Bull Dozier if you have more material in the old archives.

Bull Dozier is an old favorite of mine. I have a weakness for this type. I loved his scene with Nick Rodgers for Target/Bullet.
According to notes I’ve gathered from various databases, and my own collection, he also appeared in the following mags:
Stallion – Aug 1990;
Just Men – Vol. 3 No. 6 – 1985 pg. 30, “More Bullet Studs!”
Ramrod 4 – Target Studios (only 3 pics in a leather jacket & not much else)
Loaded – Target Studios (c1980) which features pics from his scene with Nick Rodgers among other models

Mr Madd Coww (who used to moderate the Yahoo group RetroMen+) once said about Bull Dozier:
“[His] real name was Bill Bailey and [he] was a bartender in New Orleans’ French Quarter when he was discovered…” I don’t know if this is true. He also said Bull had done a third film loop with Ed Wiley, but I have never been able to confirm this. I wish it were true!

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