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Warehouse Load

Warehouse Load – part of the Men at Work magazine and film loop series (1978) – with two of my favorites, Clay Russell and Ron Stevens. I don’t remember where I got the clip, but try to ignore the music, or turn it off completely – there’s no dialogue or even fake grunts.

I just wish I had better versions of the images from the magazine – the ones from the 8MM flyer are great, but I only have bad shots of, not from, the magazine…. of course, this post, cleverly title Russell_RonStevens, shows one image I love 3 times in case you miss it the first two!

2 replies on “Warehouse Load”

Such a double whopper of a pairing! Between the two of them, the arm hair alone is enough to get me excited.

Ever come close to licking a stranger’s arm in public? I mean, without their permission? That’s me. Have to hold myself back.

Or neck.

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