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Sex Circus

I was just going to post the one pic, based on the film – Tony’s Inititation (1983) on GEVI – and then I thought to add another, and then went searching for a clip.

Director: Vex Werner (1983)
Starring: Beau Matthews, Michael Christopher, Tim Kramer, Chris Burns, Shawn McWilliams (Tony), Michael Carr, Dean Newcomb, Vix Werner (Jack Werner – “clown in the pie”?), Mike DeMarco , Brian Diaz, Paul Tischler

music by Jack Werner; fluffer: Lenny Ownsome – (do you think the director is related to the music guy?)

Turns out I sold my copy back in 2005; I now have a digital copy, but alas it is only 60 minutes, and my notes from 2005 says it’s 84 minutes – that’s a big chunk missing, which includes at a minimum, the final scene with Michael Christopher ( who I like) and Tim Kramer (who I kinda loathe). So, we may just have to enjoys these stills of beautiful Beau Matthews.

magazines – Sex Circus, and Swinging On A Star

and I’ve posted about this before! (with less words, more pics. oh well)

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How are there no comments?! It’s a gay porn trapeze act! What more could we want?

There’s Beau Matthews on the left, and Paul Tischler (aka Paul Howell) in the center, so HOT! FYI, if you search on Paul Tischler at GEVI, you get the other Paul Howell, who is AKA Rich Parsons. Not this Paul.

Then there’s Shawn McWilliams & Michael Christopher on the floor, although you can’t really see them. Really, it’s a spectacular scene! Terrific mag too.

Wait, is the Fluffer actually credited? I always thought that was more of an urban myth. I mean, virtually anyone on a gay porn set could fluff the talent. Did they really pay someone to do it? Jeez, I would’ve volunteered!! I still volunteer!

That last scene with Mr. Christopher and Mr. Kramer is wonderful – a warm, friendly fuck with lots of kissing and nuzzling. Mr. Christopher is an enthusiastic bottom in this one.

I’m skeptical (OK, I have a bias against Tim) but if I can find a full copy, happy to take a look – Mr. Christopher doesn’t get topped often, now does he?

I loved Shawn ever since I saw him in his randy wrestling video for Bob Mizer, where he tries to hump his opponent repeatedly and eventually shoots a load without consent… haha. Imagine my surprise when I discovered him under a different name in this film, first getting kidnapped by Tim Kramer and M. Christopher and then fucked by M.C.! Pure bliss. The final, extra (?) scene with Christopher getting fucked by Kramer is extra hot. He took it like a champ, on those fairly rare occasions when he did.

By the way, speaking of my favorite porn actor of all time, Vinegar Syndrome is releasing Stiff Competition on 4K UHD disc, if you can believe that, using a full restoration and scan of the original camera negative. It’s a straight porn, yes, but Michael Christopher is in it, having sex… and now I’ll get to see him do it in 4K. What a time to be alive.

um, hmmm

thanks (but no thanks) to the tip – I can NOT watch str8 porn, no matter who is in it – the closest I can cum – is that scene in HEATSTROKE

but, y’all have convinced me to look for the full version of the film, and check out the final scene

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