"vintage" porn stars cowboys

some cowboys

cowboy or farmhand? I don’t care, do you?


you like cowboy cock?

yeah, that’s a butterfly on my butt; what about it?

move those cowboy thighs closer!

we’re running a 2-for-1 special…

hold my hat while I …..

like there’d be a cowboy post without MICKEY!

More Mickey? sure! Just Because; Cowboy Squires; and Mickey’s butt

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#6 I absolutely love you for this! Thanks!

The name of this Colt cowboy is Ed Calhoun. I don’t know who his ‘boy’ is.

As I’ve said before, how a masculine a model looks, trumps everything else about him, in my opinion. That’s my ultimate standard. Calhoun has that redneck look, which I find very appealing. He genuinely looks like a cowboy – no butterfly tattoo on his ass!

Jim French just seemed to have the Midas touch, when choosing models. Some may not be conventionally handsome, but they always had the ‘It’ factor.

Calhoun isn’t as recognizable as other, more famous Colt models, but he’s a star in my book.

His thick, wavy hair and big teeth, reminds me of country, falsetto/yodeling singer, Slim Whitman.

He also reminds me of Western actor, Burton Gilliam. Remember him? He was one of the farting cowboys in Blazing Saddles (1974). (I hope this works!)×932/smart/

As the classic, Colt tagline says:

‘If the look is masculine, the name is Colt!’ (!)

; )

You must have hit it by accident, and one word was missing, but take credit anyway, it’s very funny. Her ‘message’ was too subtle, since although I’m not Trumpista in any way, she actually had been trying to do things to help these children, in particular one mother and child.

Here’s what she said: However, in an interview with ABC news that was released on Saturday, the former model acknowledged the jacket “was a kind of message, yes”.

“It’s obvious I didn’t wear the jacket for the children, I wore the jacket to go on the plane and off the plane,” she said.

“It was for the people and for the left-wing media who are criticising me. I want to show them I don’t care. You could criticise whatever you want to say. But it will not stop me to do what I feel is right.”

Mrs Trump criticised the media for being “obsessed” about her clothing.

“I often asking myself, if I had not worn that jacket, if I will have so much media coverage,” she said, adding: “I would prefer they would focus on what I do and on my initiatives than what I wear.”

I think a lot of people would have thought of that, it so much discussed, but I wasn’t 100% sure since the ‘really’ wasn’t there. Anyway, a very amusing coincidence, then.

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