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Dreamer- oops!

HA! I thought I was being clever by scanning these two original, large sized VCA (pre-HIS video) boxes side-by-side, but apparently tried something like this back in 2015! Someone remind me to fix the videoclip link (and have ya’ll seen the full one hour, 24 minute version??

J. Clinton West’s Dreamer – (1975) – page needs updating, fleshing out.

Richard Locke’s first film, Dreamer – (1975) – does the video link work?

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The link works, it took me to your old blogger page with four images in a square, and clicking on any of them begins the download of a clip that’s just short of five minutes. Was that the trailer? I don’t know if I’ve ever seen the film in its entirety, whether the full one or the one after whoever got done editing it down.

The reflection in the sunglasses on the cover reminds me of the album cover for I’m A Man by Macho, which came out a few years later (1978):

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