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Tod’s jog

Eric Clement and… um… OK, from a magazine called Encounters #6 (1980), also from a film called…, hmmmm. maybe a film or not? SO anyway – while Eric is not a fave, he’s reliable, both men have nice cocks, and there’s a couple of facial expressions from Eric that are too good to not post. “Tod’s jog” is the name of the photo spread. I think Eric = Tod

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(I hope these links work!) (I wish I had more time to reply, and scold you!) : )


Fuck humility! You repeatedly won’t give me credit, for identifying and providing information! So, I’m forced to toot my own horn! Shame! Shame! Shame on you! : /

Honestly, BJ! Once again, you forgot to post the picture, which shows affection and warmth! Ah, I just love pictures with hot guys kissing – wet or dry! : 0

(Click on the top picture especially, to enlarge!)

Yeah, I wonder too; if this is from a loop, or just print images. Within all these photos; zero in on the brunet’s face in profile, and his dick head. I know who this is! : D

The lack of a mustache, probably threw you off. HINT: he likes to swing, literally! : )

I’ll defy anyone, who says this isn’t Dane Tremmell! In 1976, he was in both “Kansas City Trucking Co.” and “Raw Country”.

In 1976, he was also in “Saddle Tramp and the Cowboy” aka “Cowboys in Leather”, with Richard Locke. “I”, was the one who informed you, of his third screen credit, in 2016. I also provided you with a loop link!

Remember? Hmph, the thanks I get! You’re welcome. : /

Oh well, I’m used to it. : |

No matter. I still give you endless thanks, for your wonderful blog! Where else, would I have found this? : )

Eric Clement and Dane Tremmell, contrast beautifully – great chemistry!

Both second- tier porn stars, but they were both great performers, and pretty good actors to boot – unheralded and underrated! Not to mention, both sensual and uninhibited! : P

Ah, BJ! So many great posts! So little time! : (

; )

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