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Scott Taylor

from curly-haired in The Boys In Venice and Rough Cut of 1979, as his hair got shorter (in his work with Al Parker’s Surge Studios and Christopher Rage’s Live Video) he manipulated his junk beyond the simple auto-fellatio of his first two films, he had an amazing package, don’t ya think?

Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor

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I think I respect what he did more than actually like it quite as well as some of the others Parker used and pumped with. See “Strange Places, Strange Things”? He was pumping with one of the bald ones, I think (saw it at the Adonis while busy with someone who said he thought it was ‘disgusting’) He was pumping and snorting poppers as one of his Performance Art things. At first I thought that was a bit out of control, but I can see that his commitment to his Body Art was true. I’ve been involved with quite a lot of this, and had a pumping period. The auto-fellatio is fabulous when you can do it, which I could in my teens, when still flexible, and just the head in my 40s. I guess I found his pleasant, but slightly manic, which probably came with the territory. But I didn’t think pumping nearly always improved the looks of pricks: Some people thought James Williams, the black one in ‘Better than Ever’ with that bigger-than-life prick was gross, but I found him totally hot with Mike Dean sucking him off–it’s almost unreal how fat it is, but it looks natural somehow (at least to me.) Also with Parker’s Juan Perris, when Parker was totally into foreskin. I liked Justin Cade’s pumped look too, but the guy who did the Parker bio found both of these ‘horribly distended’. I do find Taylor somewhat inspiring, though, and admirable in his commitment. I believe I’d seen him in some earlier things before he started the pumping, which I didn’t think worked so well for him.

Sorry, I should have looked at your other posts, including some from last year that I somehow missed. But this really was enough: In the top photo, he is already so hung, it’s hard to see why he’d pump that much, so that there is that one of him just hanging below, very swollen, but already into his tendency to the ‘nasty-look’ some like. One of the commenters said Taylor sank into ‘depravity’, but also called him a ‘god of cock’. The depravity is obvious enough, although he seemed a likable persona onscreen, even when boasting. Some find him more interesting, though–too manic, not enough nonchalance. I thought pumping was a turn-on for awhile, and had one of those expensive BCRs, but got bored, and that’s not the best way to increase size anyway. Although swelling is indisputably an increase in one kind of look–sometimes is attractive, usually not–is often taken too far, like some guys getting too buffed. There was that bizarre site ‘Large Penis Support Group'(may still be there, it’s funny for awhile), full of some gorgeous pricks and even more lunatics and nymphomaniacal, starved, rather skanky women. There was one who pumped, and the results were not impressive, but I just don’t see it anymore. Does anyone else? In this era of gay marriage, it seems to have died out. Only famous ones I saw on there were R. Martinez (who does do a good self-suck) howling about his fabulousness and generally sounding retarded, and Jonah Falcon, who kept making his ridiculous claims and was very fat by then. I guess late 80s/early 90s was peak of the fad of pumping–I never see any of the new porn guys with that swollen look–there were several that looked good in jeans at least, in the early 90s,who strutted their stuff in the West Village. Ted Colunga’s prick looks perfect without any need to swell it. I guess that period was also the peak of porn fetish such as almost all the Surge films, with Parker’s weird ‘pussy-dick’ thing and his attempt to get his surgery to work (near the end of his life, there’s some statement somewhere on wiki by the doctor.) All part of evolution, whatever your taste, though.

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