Brentwood COSCO Studios pornstar - videography

Rex Brandon

who you may remember from such films as:

  • Head Trip – (1976)
  • Earth Man I – The Paul Seton Story – (1978) found in Pieces of Eight
  • Rear Admiral – (1976)
  • Small Town Boy – AKA New Kid in Town – (1976)

Rex Brandon (AKA Doug Dayton) on GEVI

(sorry about the quality – only film clip I could find)

who you may remember from such magazines as:

  • Pickup Tricks – from Small Town Boy
  • Brentwood Film Review Magazine 10 – from Small Town Boy
  • Earth Man I – (1978) – COSCO
  • MEN OF ACTION Photo Album #1 (1978)
  • ACTION MALE Vol. 1 – #6 – (1978)
  • 10 Cinema Stars (1980?) – COSCO

COSCO Studios Fred Halsted pornoclips

The Hustler

from director Fred Halsted, this is just a portion (less than 3 minutes) of the scene called The Hustler – seen in the 1975 film Sextool. Makes me curious to find out more about this performer, Jim Frost – and yes, I WANT THAT T-SHIRT!

and yes, the pic below is from the UNOPENED LA Plays Itself: The Fred Halsted Collection [Altered Innocence] – limited edition blue ray – I didn’t even have a player when I snagged this up. Then I bought the blue ray player, and it’s right there, 2 feet from me as I type, never used. This winter I have a lot of catching up to do!

COSCO Studios


from the Cosco Studios magazine Mustang II, (1979) – magazine also includes Big Iron with Stan & Mike

and the short film Waterhole (1979) – starring Dan Pace (aka Rocky Genero ) & Clint

"vintage" porn stars COSCO Studios

wet fox

Mike Morris

COSCO Studios

weight bench

from Fred Halsted’s 1979 film – Mr. Teenage Barbell – with George Conover, and Josh’s balls – er, and Josh

COSCO Studios pornoclips

Hey Sailor

“Sailor Tom Reed enjoys an afternoon leave with horny Billy Hodges. Beside a lush garden and pool, Billy sucks Tom until he blows a load into his beard. They frolic in the pool for a bit, then Tom fucks Billy, holding his legs up around his waist like he’s pushing a wheelbarrow.”Hey Sailor!

Director: Fred Halsted (1978) – part of the Centurian release (would LOVE to get my hands on that rare VHS!) – this scene/loop – Tom Reed and Billy Hodges. I can assure you, the music here was very very very unlikely to be part of the original release; I found this clip on a compilation. Photos from the COSCO magazine – Centurian Bk II

top right – is that a stray foot? or just one of the guys left their shoe there?

COSCO Studios

Rough Trade

published in 1979 by Fred Halsted’s COSCO Studio – balls. oops, sorry, those balls distracting balls me… oh, yes. I wish I had the magazine, might help balls identify those balls, er, the balls model above (with the balls)…. I have balls just a few eBay images from the magazine. I’ve seen it as low as $19.99, and $50, and $69….