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Lucky Pierre (Scaliwags edition)

J.W. King, Gary Sikes (man in the middle!), and R.J. Reynolds in Three Day Pass (1980)

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All three guys are so hot in this scene. Wish R.J. Reynolds would have made more films. Loved him in Big Men on Campus.

R.J. Reynolds made a ton of straight films, and per his iafd listing used over twenty different aliases on that side of the fence (though a few appear to just be misspellings). I can watch straight sex in moderation if the guy is hot enough and/or the women quiet enough, but am always drawn back to the gay side, and I think I speak for our gracious blogmaster as well in saying that.

You always resist this when I point it out – but I love ya and your blog anyway! There are a handful of gay films that might include a straight scene around the edges, and you make it through unscathed. Even if in our current age you might just fast forward right along, had you been watching in a porno theatre back in the day you would have had to sit there and absorb it, or leave your seat and find some other action perhaps.

Two Joe Gage examples: L.A. Tool & Die (the outhouse scene with Paul Barresi fucking the woman, and Shawn Victors spying on them) and Heatstroke (the ‘one beautiful buck baby’ chick in the porno booth and what Roy Garrett does to her).

There was one you posted a clip from, last year I think? I remember being surprised to see it here, 70s film, one woman and two men in a bed, and she’s like, reciting poetry or some kind of new-age lines, while the guys fuck themselves and/or her. Can’t remember what that one was called but you might based on the clues … and at least one of Casey Donovan’s movies too though I can’t recall right now which one(s).

I mean it happens, and so long as it stays on the periphery of an otherwise gay film I can stomach it. Films marketed as bisexual aren’t usually my thing either, but there’s no denying that those two Gage examples (and others) are gay porn movies, with occasional forays into hetero land. And we lived to tell about them, that’s all I was saying. Though I should certainly resist speaking for you on your blog especially but I hope you know what I meant, if not before then at least now.

I get it Zephyr. I cut my teeth on straight porn. My mother’s boyfriend rented a tape (not sure why I knew about it). They went out, I popped it in the VCR and never looked back. Actually, it started with straight mags, but whatever. I saw Scott Taylor in a straight mag- a “sexual oddity” feature bc he could suck his own dick. Wowee! Also, there were some pretty hot straight male performers in these m/f photo spreads. I just covered up the woman. I still keep a folder on the hottest straight performers from way back to today.

Of course, as soon as I could get my hands on some gay porn, I was well and truly hooked. These days, it’s hard to imagine myself watching straight porn, but I wouldn’t mind seeing some of those old straight photo spreads. Maybe with Randy Spears? He was soooo hot!

I love Three Day Pass! I saw this one on VHS and fell in love with Fred Halsted, JW King, and RJ Reynolds. I need to rewatch this one. I wonder if I have a copy?

BTW, nice post title BJ – I had to Google it. Very clever.

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