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THIS is what you call “multi-tasking”! : )

It helps, when one is both limber and well-endowed! : 0

From his profile, I’m pretty sure this sucker/fucker, is Dave Connors!

Literally and figuratively, he was a “dirty blond”! : P

Alas, I don’t recognize the plaid material, background. So I don’t know if this is from a porn movie, or publication. : (

Rock on, Dave! You were a Porn Divo, who will never be forgotten! : )

; )

Instead of it being a plaid background, do you think that could in fact be Al and Steve Taylor’s blue tiled bathroom? If so this might be a still from One In A Billion, the threeway at the end when Dave takes turns fucking the cable repairmen. Just a (semi-educated) guess, assuming it is in fact Dave.

That was what I thought :) Interesting how it looks less blue in the second pic, maybe it was a screen shot, while the first one clearly looks like it’s from a glossy magazine.

If it comes from a full length film I’m better at recognizing it than I am with a lot of the older loops in random collections, or certainly print magazines that were never scenes at all which aren’t as much my strong suit. BJ had mentioned that bathroom and the tile before, I just happened to come by and remember it. Thanks.

Well done! I thought it might be Dave Connors, but was too unsure to suggest it. Isn’t he the hottest?

I was looking at the plaid too, as a clue, trying to place the photo. Great minds think alike, but your mind might be a little quicker. My memory is a little wonky.

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