"vintage" porn stars


in only 2 films from what I can tell:

  • Beach Encounter (1971) (MV-5; MV-58) – with DENNY
  • What the Carpenter Saw (1972) (MV-15) – with Richard Sternberger & The Carpenter (AKA Daniel DiCiccio) – see above clip; below pic

plus these publications:

  • MANPOWER #3 (1971)
  • GALLERY SERIES #2 (1971)
  • GALLERY SERIES #4 (1971)
  • MANPOWER #4 (1972)
  • BEST OF GALLERY #1 (1972)

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11 replies on “Buddy”

Marvelous post (but then I would think so even if it wasn’t probably…) Almost enough to make me stop weeping at the disappearance of Gallery. Oh, that beautiful otherworldly little magazine…and I have always loved that it’s Bruno’s Gallery that Toby leafs through jacking, and is rewarded with his dream come true (or the dream just continues, and that’s almost satisfying enough, because he shoots off on the magazine at the end.)

But now it all comes back. I didn’t see Buddy in the movie houses, but in one or more of these mags. A friend I visited every day at 275 W. 12th was going on and on about Buddy, but I was unfamiliar with all of these at the time. I think I knew who Bill Harrison was, and Joe Markham (but didn’t know his name till your recent post), and if Colt had started, I never heard of it. So really early 70s, I knew nothing. So Buddy is definitely the one I remember (would that have been Colt?) as my friends’ raving over (and I was hardly unimpressed.)

The clip is sweet but doesn’t really get hot, and Buddy is used hardly at all, except for lying there and doing some sucking. I think a lot of people who really go for the very buffed-muscle types wouldn’t be attracted to his lean-muscled body, but I think he’s a Work of Art. I find him so beautiful, I’d definitely put him in my Top 3. And I didn’t even see but one pic decades ago. The music is very pleasant and goes with the easy action nicely. Zephyr, is that remastered? That couldn’t have been the original background music, could it?

If he strutted up Madison or Park in those chaps, even the cops would “give a knee”. He has a certain look that makes you know he could make it natural to go anywhere like that, and with just a shirt and shoes, maybe boots, and that cigarette…he’d be totally nonchalant about it.

For me, he’s now one of my ideal men. You’ve put so many stunning photos here, there’s no reason to choose among them, but probably the 1st one. It’s curious with his cowboy looks that he’s not seen as an obvious top as I’d think. Harrison has this amusing campy look going in the door. In the sitting chaps picture, he has an uncanny resemblance to Doug McClure, from the old cowboy TV series The Virginian, but…I’d take Buddy over almost anybody. There were a few more pics at GEVI. This man was GIFTED.

Or maybe that’s Dakota, after all the discussion about him and Harrison. I wasn’t familiar with either of them at the time, although I was familiar with the name “Dakota”–I thought Buddy was Dakota!

I absolutely love Parisian’s stylish vision of Buddy.

And then my very deep comments were just gonna be, “oh wow, hung like a horse!”

I mean, he was, but Parisian’s comments are so romantic. Parisian says, “Madison” and “Park” leaving off the “Ave” part. I could never pull that off.

I need to get some sleep.

Thank you, Johnny. You’re such a sweetheart and I read all your things. You’re so knowledgeable. And soooo enthusiastic! I don’t know what we did without you all those years before you popped up about 6-8 months ago.

Thank You so much for this blog. Sorry I can’t type more but my fingers don’t work very well. I typed this slowly with one finger on another page, and pasted. If this posts I hope to comment again.

My dearest BJ! : )

Let me profusely thank you, for this vintage porn loop! I know I’m late, but there are only so many hours in the day. : (

Wow, where did you find this! This is quite a coup! : 0

I’ve wanted to see “What the Carpenter Saw (1972)”, for the longest time! You saved me the expense and effort, of searching for it online, for free! My gratitude knows no bounds! : )

Interesting – now that I’ve viewed it, I can’t really say it turned me on; despite fleeting, teasing moments of eroticism. I appreciated it more, than actually enjoyed it. It didn’t exactly leave me, with a desperate need of a “happy ending” – meh. : |

Jim French had a puritanical streak, in a number of his early porn loops. Despite the obvious, visual sexual activity presented; he had a habit of obscuring, direct, genital contact. I would describe this quality, as “semi-hardcore”. : /

I always assumed he did this, to avoid legal troubles; mailing pornography across state lines. But others have pointed out; he thought that explicitly showing actual, clinical sex was vulgar. Luckily, his attitudes changed, later on! : P

Thank you also, BJ honey, for the spotlight on this tall, lanky, well-endowed, “Buddy”. : 0

He DOES have an interesting look. However, I’m more aware of him mainly; because of his other, print/loop partners: Danny DiCioccio/DiCiccio aka The Carpenter, Richard Sternberger aka Heinrick (Colt) aka Rick Alexander, Denny (Colt) aka Dennis Lassiter aka Harv/Elasco, and Jim Cassidy – all sizzling! : P

#5 – In order to point out that Buddy had light hair and not dark, like Kurt Bieber; I was also going to post this Gallery #4 cover, from Colt Studio. But you beat me to it! : )

(You still haven’t corrected the erroneous, pop-up tag from your 10-19-’21 post.) : /

Some viewers may not realize that Jim Cassidy was indeed, an early Colt model. For a period, he was actually missing, from the Colt Studio website – appalling! : /

As for “Buddy”, I can’t really say that he does anything for me. Once again, I “appreciate” him, more than I actually enjoy him – sorry, Parisian! : | : )

I don’t see the resemblance between him and actor, Doug McClure. McClure had a full, fleshy face. Buddy’s face, is more angular and lean. : /

I think that “Buddy”; looks more like a tall, lanky combination of both John Savage, the actor from “The Deer Hunter (1978)”, “Hair (1979)”, and “The Onion Field (1979)” – and Bruce Davison, the actor from “Last Summer (1969)”, “Willard (1972)” and “Longtime Companion (1989)”.



There’s a physical detail about “Buddy”, that I find especially interesting. He’s yet another example, of a lean, well-hung porn star, which also had a long torso. A long torso really is a better indicator, than big feet or hands! : )

I wonder though, if whether or not he’s a “drooper”, like Alan Corriveau, Ken Ryker, or Rick Donovan?

His dick doesn’t seem to protrude outward, from his body, like a branch. I’ve never seen this in any of his photos. It may be that he has to grab his schlong from the base, in order to fuck.

Now you know I love ya, Parisian! : ) Let me try to win back some points, I lost with you, about “Buddy”! : (

There ARE some pictures of him, which I DO find very sexy, because of his print partners! : )

I just ADORE Danny DiCioccio aka The Carpenter – irresistible! I thought he was easily, the hottest cast member of “Boys in the Sand (1971)”! Such a horny little devil – those mischievous eyes! : 0

He had such a great, uninhibited attitude – playful! I LUV his crater deep dimples, cleft chin, square forehead, Roman nose, and leering smile – cheerful and charming! And let’s not forget his fuzzy butt!
: )

Parisian, since you like both Danny and Buddy; you should appreciate this Colt photo, with the both of them! Nice contrast; of a dark and fair, stud pair! From this angle, I think that Buddy looks uncannily, like actor, John Savage!–vRETt2c8jo/UkwyqtAztOI/AAAAAAABQdg/uroCUR_1-ik/s1600/BestOfGallery1-039.jpg

Here’s another one of them, in color! Tan-lines are forever! BJ, please excuse Danny’s dirty feet! It is after all, a beach house – Fire Island? The Carpenter gets his licks in! : P–pRL6W0/s1600/BestOfGallery1-038.jpg

The Colt Studios’, “Manpower!” publications: #1-4, featured a vast array of porn cowboys – sexy!

Does anyone know what the name of this hot cowboy is, on the cover of the 4th issue?

Evidently, he seems to be unidentified. From his profile, he has beautiful eyes, sideburns, and a potato nose! Of course by now, everyone knows that the tallywacker belongs to Buddy – nice bush!
: 0

Here’s an enlarged close-up! Mystery Cowboy looks very becoming, wearing a black hat! : )

As you can see, both of these cowpokes are uncut. No doubt, BJ also appreciates their low-hangers! : )

BUDDY GETS BUTT FUCKED?! Nah, he’s limp. It’s most likely, just a suggestive, simulation – still sexy!



Allow me to now hijack this post, by concentrating on Buddy’s co-stars, from “What the Carpenter Saw “! ; )

As I’ve said before, Jim French would often delay releasing a Colt porn loop; in order to create publicity – and get more financial mileage, out of first selling correlating photo magazines.

(If you didn’t remember this BJ, why haven’t you’ve been taking notes?) : |

The wondrous, Danny DiCioccio/DiCiccio aka The Carpenter; actually made “WTCS (1972)”, before he made the historic, “Boys in the Sand (1971)” – fascinating!

“What the Carpenter Saw” Colt promo:

“When we released the stills from this film we knew we had a winner! Currently our carpenter can be screen in “Boys in the Sand” – but we got there first! Buddy and Heinrick join him in our film that puts the heat on Fire Island.” See! : )

In the DVD commentary of “Boys in the Sand (1971)”; Wakefield Poole doesn’t identify Danny by name, but he does mention that he was from Colt. He was hired on the spur of the moment, at Fire Island.

Like me, he probably couldn’t remember or pronounce his last name! “The Carpenter” IS a silly name. But I admit it’s easier to remember, pronounce, and research – those Italian names! : / : )

Director Poole, also comments that DiCioccio/DiCiccio, from his one previous film experience; thought he had to obscure direct sexual activity, from the camera. But Wakefield wanted to present sex, in full “flagrante delicto” mode! : P

No doubt, this is why Casey (Donovan) and Danny; seemed so into each other – scorching sexual chemistry! One again, a nice contrast; of a dark and fair, stud pair! : 0

This won’t be the last time I gush about “The Carpenter”! I wish he would nail me! ; )

NOW, let me gush about Richard Sternberger aka Heinrick (Colt) aka Rick Alexander! : P

I didn’t become aware of him, until after I got internet access. Which is all the pity, since unlike others commenting here, I’m all about muscles and sex! : )

It’s only in the last decade or so; that I’ve really begun researching and enjoying, all about “physique” models – AMG, Bruce of L.A., Russ Warner, Champion Studio, Western Photography Guild, etc.

Who knew that Jack Lalanne, among other male celebrities; posed nude for such vintage, “health & fitness” magazines? I’m now making up for lost time and study – homework! : P

This should also be part of your own “Porn Studies”, Johnny-My Pet-Llama! : )

Porn viewers really do owe a lot of gratitude, to these photographers. One gets to appreciate how one medium, evolved into the other. : 0

It’s all the more fascinating when former “physique models”, eventually became gay porn stars!

I always say that guys like Ray Fuller, Monte Hanson, Bill Eld, Joe Dallesandro, Joe Markham, Barry Hoffman, Tico Patterson, John Iverson, Paul Strand, John Converse aka Dak, John Tristram, Chris Dickerson, etc. were the true foot soldiers of all-male porn!

Aside from Colt, Richard Sternberger aka Heinrick (Colt) aka Rick Alexander, also posed for Champion Studio and Western Photography Guild!

So he ran the whole homoerotic gamut – bodybuilder, physique model, and porn star! : 0

Male Models Vintage Beefcake Blogspot is a fabulous website – so informative! The owner, Michael Denison, truly rocks! : )

You and your readers, BJ, would really do well by reading this great interview of Richard Sternberger aka Rick Alexander! He goes WAY back – historic! : )

This post is all the more relevant, with the relatively recent passing, of Wakefield Poole – R.I.P.

I know this is a day late. Aren’t I always late? But I want to give thanks for porn, and BJ’s wonderful blog! Let me also not forget his readers! : )

; )

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