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room service, please

for a quick clip from Room Service Plus (1984); click a photo above. Wish I had better pics of Chris Burns’ co-star Paul Howell (AKA Chuck Burton) – nice cock!

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Yay, more sucking! Way to live up to your name BJ. I very much approve.

Um, yes, I also wish you had more of Paul Howell. Great cock? Great everything.

I have the mag “The Bellhop Meets the Bull” that features the Tico Patterson scene, which is very hot of course, but now I want the mag that features this Paul Howell/Chris Burns scene.

BJ, how you titillate!

Oh wait, I do have that mag. It’s called, “Do Not Disturb.” That Paul Howell aka Chuck Burton is a muscle hottie with sideburns and a sexy ‘stache. Oh, and a thick dick!

BTW, what’s with the cheap wood paneling in this “hotel?” Maybe somebody’s basement, but a hotel? I don’t think so.

Thanks BJ!

hotel with cheap paneling? Apparently YOU stay in higher class places than I do –

in all seriousness, if you have better pics of Paul/Chuck, would love them!

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