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Oy vey, BJ! Your posts are always so compelling! I can’t resist replying! You keep side-tracking me! I’ll never catch up! PLEASE DO NOT RETIRE! PLEASE LET ME FINISH COMMENTING, FIRST! : )

Okay, I’m going to do my best to be precise! I hope this doesn’t get too convoluted! Hope you can follow me!

For a while, I’ve been preoccupied with this blond sucker working on “Phillip”, from the famous “Michael and Phillip Duo”. Yes, both of them DID work with other partners.

This still is from the 1975 loop “Long Distance”. It’s included in the Falcon compilation “Open Season”. Here, he’s identified as “Rick”. Go figure.

This blond kid was also in the 1978 Falcon loop “Full Service” with Ed Wiley and Guillermo Ricardo. It’s included in the compilation, “Ticket Home”. This time, his name is “Bill”. GEVI misidentifies him. They got the wrong “Bill” profiled – so many aliases!

Go to the 13:00 video mark. Don’t confuse him with the first guy, Mike.

He appeared in two 1975 Griffin International loops, under the name “Biff”.



One of them is “Pumping Nine” with Steve Boyd.

This one you’re familiar with. You posted a couple of stills from it. It’s called “The Ranch Dudes” with Jack Wrangler.

Strangely enough, he has another profile on GEVI, under the name of “Biff Addison”. Woody doesn’t realize they’re the same person.

He made the same mistake with Ron Cameron/Stevens. He’s since corrected it.

Not to toot my own horn, but I think I had something to do with it. Of course, it was because of your wonderful blog! : )

In 1976, he made a loop with Mike Savage and a performer named “Jerry Douglas”, not the porn director, called “Pinning a Stud”. Scroll all the way down.

I discovered this when I found out that Ron Cameron aka Ron Stevens, appeared in “Scoring a Basket (1976)”.

Whew, all this detective work can be exhausting! But it’s so much fun, connecting the dots! Don’t you agree? : )

; )

Rick = Bill = Biff ??

and am I ignoring the “PLEASE LET ME FINISH COMMENTING, FIRST! : )” comment, implying you’d be fine if I retired, as long as you got the last word?? Am I ignoring that? we’ll see (sideways smiley face)

Au contraire, mon frère!

I NEVER, in a million years would imply that I would be okay, if you retire! Are you kidding?! Honestly!

I was being facetious! As you say, always take everything with a grain of salt! Or as I say, the whole carton or salt mine! : )

You should have read between the lines!

What I implied is that since I can’t catch up with you, you should NEVER retire! See? It always comes down to me! That’s what’s important! JUST KIDDING! : )


; )

Never say those words!! What did I say?!

BJ, I am also going to ignore the idea of you retiring in the same way that I would ignore a rumor of an upcoming snow storm. I will pretend it isn’t happening right up until it does, and then I’ll cry.

not to worry, my boy – as long as web-hosting is relatively cheap, and I have access to my files and the internet…. not going away anytime soon!

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