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suck this

from one of my all-time fave Al Parker directed films, Therapy

Shawn Roberts – the videography looks off – I really doubt he starred in Drive in 1974, Therapy in 1985, and Hot Stuff in 1994 – just a common enough name that more than one guy in porn has it, right?

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Suck this? OK, whip it out and slide it thrugh the hole ;p

I just rewatched this one not long ago, two of the things that jumped out at me were the music (no surprise there) by Spider & Michael, who also did the music heard in Oversize Load. Some of the early music in Therapy sounds almost rock-inspired but later it becomes another example of the obscure 80s synth sound that a number of films used that decade, not always great but in this case I thought it was all pretty good.

Also I’ve mentioned how I used to have a porn crush on David Ashfield back when I started watching the films he was in, there were plenty of reasons to discount him including his perpetually stoned demeaner (at least he seemed that way), not the greatest body / face / teeth, and when he talked he sounded like he just fell off the back of a turnip truck. But hooboy that dick, so thick and beautiful, remarkably and effortlessly hard, that was the main attraction whenever he was in a film, either credited or as a stunt dick whch he apparently did a lot for close-up scenes in films the rest of his body was never in. His threeway in the bank vault at the end of Therapy is my favorite scene, the most interesting premise as well as for the sex he and Tico had with Eric Ross the bank manager. I loved it when David is fucking Eric and Eric starts licking the corners of one of the gold bars in the vault, that managed to be sexual and sensual to me at the same time. At one point I knew a guy who had the glossy photo magazine The Bank Dick that I found many of the images scanned on retro studs, I think the pages of my friend’s copy were literally stuck together in a few places, likely from him but I can’t rule out having borrowed it and contributing my own DNA to its eventual state. If you or anyone is interested that post is linked below:

And just as a follow-up on two points, I think there are three Surge films with music by Spider & Michael that I know of anyway – Therapy, Oversize Load and Hard Disk Drive. But in reading one of your earlier posts the preview to one of these films had music by Red Wedding, which you were just talking about not long ago. More puzzle pieces from the box that need to be assembled someday …

Also I believe you’re right about Shawn Roberts, 20 years seems awfully long for a porn career (not unheard of, but rare) especially since that’s a pretty common name for a porn performer. I’ve seen that on gevi fairly often, where a one-named actor or someone with a recycled name gets listed as having been in films where it was clearly just a different guy using the same name.

Suck THAT Dick? Are you kidding? All zephyr’s effusiveness about Ashfield’s dick go for me into Blake Cass’s sumptously appointed Crotch Pleasure. As I said recently, faces are often more beautiful when stuffed with Cock, and Roberts looks magnificent at the end of the dick he’s worshipping. Those top two photos are gorgeous, thank you for posting them, B.J.

I haven’t seen this for a very long time, but Shawn Robert’s beefy fur rug of a chest and blondie stache brings it right back. For some reason, Rex Morgan jerking off in the 2-way mirror is the scene I remember best. That was from “Therapy,” right?

This opening scene reminds me of another Surge film that was a favorite: “Dangerous.” Hell, which Surge film is NOT a favorite? Lots of gloryhole action in that one.

I agree with Parisian about Blake Cass’ beautiful, curving, uncut dick. For that matter, I agree with Zephyr about David Ashfield’s dick. That dude really brought the dick. As we all know, there’s a long tradition in gay porn of performers whose best feature is their cock.

Lovely! Thanks BJ. And why isn’t my therapy like this?

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