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leather squat

I was surprised to see no mention of Loading Zone in my videography of Steve Collins – then I realized I posted that well before I started including publications. Loading Zone was a Surge publication, with no corresponding movie. I read in Al Parker’s biography that Al realized the real money was in magazines, so he put a lot of attention there.

I’ve posted at least one image of Steve and partner Jim Preston – Jim may well have not done any movies.

print porn models Surge Studios

below the fold

back in 2017, as the “big move” was approaching, I was trying to thin my porno collection (and add to my savings for what might be a period of unemployment) by selling off a whole bunch of stuff on eBay – but, I tried to at least do some “high res” scans of some parts of the magazines I was selling off. Too lazy, or just too time-consuming to do entire magazines (which I regret now, but really, who has that kind of time?), I tried to at least capture some of the best images. And the above image IS great, but – why oh why didn’t I scan the bottom half????!!! Silly pornologist!

SO these two pics are from a SURGE magazine – Stretch” (the bjland search link will get you more than just that magazine, of course). Never figured out who the blonde here was – joining Steve Taylor (videography, but no publications listed) and Mike Davis – but but but – this just occured to me – could it be one of the guys from Surf’s Up ?

update: – nope, check pic in comments, NOT same guy as Surf’s Up

Surge Studios


from the generous 8-page photospread from Surge Studios that appeared in the January 1982 issue of HONCHO – with Al Parker’s bearded partner Steve Taylor and another hot stud (Jack Hudson and Brad Scott were the other names in the magazine, but don’t know who was who – blond/mustached or brunet/mustached – this is “brunet/mustached”) – from the magazine SURF’S UP (1980 publication date).

this last pic was likely taken from inside the famous Al Parker van – note the phone!

Al Parker Surge Studios

turned on

A HONCHO photospread from Steve Scott‘s Turned On how many from the original cast listing (Al Parker, Sky Dawson, Beau Matthews, Jim King (AKA J.W. King), Gian Carlos, Joel Thomas, Greg Dale, Jim Rodgers, Bob Moore, John Trent, Lee Brubaker, Rick Faulkner; special appearance by Scott Taylor; cameos by Mike Davis and Steve Taylor) are in the pic below; and how many men were in the film (like the jockstrap scene, for example) who were never credited?

Surge Studios

our Mr. Brooks

joy! the look on Paul Brooks face as he’s served up Rick Jensen’s cock. I love the attempt at a story line – they meet in the warehouse (note Jensen’s pants are already undone) and then sex happens. I love this story! From the undated magazine Factory Service; no publisher info given, but assumed it’s Surge Studios.

because they can pornoclips Surge Studios

Turbo Charge

Turbo Charge – (1988) – starring: Al Parker, Justin Cade, Dixon Hardy, Frank Sterling, James Williams (GEVI erroneously also lists Daniel Holt + J D Slater! nope.)

I had this one years ago, big box and all (top pic is from the eBay auction, actual box); wasn’t my cup of tea, even though the Al + Justin scene was decent (over 30 minutes! condoms, Saran Wrap, surgical gloves) but back in 2007 I needed the cash and…. shoot! Not just one of the first explicitly “safer sex” videos, but I think the one I sold was 78/80 minutes, while this crappy digital version I now have is shy of 58 minutes, ending abruptly with Al giving head to ridiculously enlarged James Williams. From my notes, the scene above may have had a “finale” that pops up later on the video. Grrrrrr – I don’t want to find a full 78/80-minute version, but I may have to.

in other news, I am slowly trying to digitize a bunch of stuff, realizing that VHS won’t last forever, and finding some surprises – both good and bad. My “library” copy of Score is the full 90 minutes, not the R-rated 70 (Yeah!); but my copy of Steve Scott‘s I Do is in shitty shape (BIG original box, but cassette is k-rap!)! arrrgggh! And I had to buy two video head cleaners, as running these old dusty tapes through the machine is well, dirtifying, the machine.

Surge Studios tattoo

mystery model

why working on a post (that is taking many days!) I thought I’d just toss out a simple one-photo post, went to scan a pic from a newly acquired Playguy, and remembered my “scanning policy.” Don’t just scan a pic or two, always get the cover, the index, and then whatever your needed, plus, if time permits, other pages of interest. Then, change file names to reflect the name of the publication, date, and page number… all this so later it’s easier to find. So the 2-minute diversion from the original post I was working on has turned into an hour – plus! Anyway, only 2 pics of this guy, the other, but shot, is too pimply, but I thought he was decent looking – now what’s that tattoo?

very Prince Dirty Minds imagery; wondering if he made it into any Surge Studios films? And now, a new potential topic, or post category – Surge models who never appeared in a movie!