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from one of my all-time fave Al Parker directed films, Therapy

Shawn Roberts – the videography looks off – I really doubt he starred in Drive in 1974, Therapy in 1985, and Hot Stuff in 1994 – just a common enough name that more than one guy in porn has it, right?

Al Parker pornoclips

Head Waiter


Director: AL Parker (1984)

Starring: Al Parker, Cole Taylor, Tico Patterson, Vincent Thomas, Rydar Hanson, Michael Charles, Drake Woods, Ed Wiley (AKA Myles Longue), Greg Girrard – this scene: Tico Patterson, Michael Charles, and Drake Woods

In the opening scene, a young guy takes his seat in the Surge fantasy chair and drops in a coin, ordering up a fantasy that unfolds in a restaurant. Two mustached men (Drake Woods and Michael Charles) quickly begin to have oral sex. Meanwhile, at another table another couple sit, have a meal, and watch (but never participate or have sex) – Al Parker and his real life lover, Steve Taylor! When the waiter (tattooed Tico Paterson) arrives, the pair unzip him and proceeds to feast on him rather than their dinner. The waiter winds up getting one of the guys on the table for anal sex while he continues to on his date.Good use of slo-mo camera work for the finale of the scene.

Alas – no str8 couples watching or participating, Parisian, unfortunately (and by that i mean FORTUNATELY!); but love watching Al and Steve, and the solo guy, wonder who that is?

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With soundtrack courtesy of Red Wedding; Art direction: Mike Davis; casting – Daniel Holt

Al Parker bear pornoclips

bears need not apply

do NOT, i say DO NOT laugh at Daniel Holt trying to chop wood. This is a clip from Al Parker’s Rangers, that inexplicably starts with 3 “lumberjacks” chopping wood (Al Parker, Daniel Holt, and Zeke James), they decide to call it a day and go back to some cabin, and somehow lose the bear – ZEKE! – , and gain blond Chris Allen for the 3-way. Nice 3-way, don’t get me wrong – but you introduce a character in porn, you see them have sex in porn, Al! We have to wait 4 more years fro the Zeke scene to appear, out of any context, in A Night Alone With Al Parker – which I sold stupidly and have yet to re-aquire. Just check out the 3-crotch pic, where you see the tease of Zeke’s orange bush getting grabbed by Al – who would cut this scene out!

ZEKE’s only known film appearance, delayed by 4 years before the public could see!

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"vintage" porn stars Al Parker

SPURS – premiere issue?

hmmmm, something ain’t right here. The version below, I sold a copy back in 2005, and I have it listed with just cover model Jordon Hunter, and Jimmy Pike; 1978, 36 pages. The one above, doesn’t make sense with Al Parker and Mike on the cover. And then gay erotic archives only notes “Toby” as the model – no other info – that’s completely wrong!

This is what I have in my 2005 sale of this 1978 magazine:

  • cover model JORDON HUNTER – while apparently never appearing in any films, RIP COLT chose him to grace the cover of his new photo-magazine, SPURS (and seeing him in nothing but boots, like below, tells you why!!!).
  • 36 pages; 10 in full color (including front and back covers) – the rest in BLACK & WHITE – all oh high quality paper that COLT is known and respected for; measuring approx 7-1/2 X 9-1/2, it’s size is larger than the earlier, and extremely successful COLT series GALLERY, from the earlier part of the 70’s
  • JIMMY PIKE (who appeared, solo, in such films as: Skin Torpedoes, Pike’s Peek, Advocate Men Live!’s Poetry In Motion, and others) graces the second half of the magazine; powerful legs showing what thick boot socks were meant for!

Somewhere on line I found this Mike/Al cover version, and it was dated 1977 – same year as COLT MEN 3…. hmmmm. Both Colt Men 3 and this top version of Spurs feature Al & Mike in pictures from the film Timbervolves. Wonder what the story is. Perhaps a mock-up for the new series? Oh, and inside COLT MEN 3 is an ad to send away for the COLT FOLIO (a glossy brochure) featuring a pic of Al and Mike, and 2 pics of Jordan Hunter!

and the ad from COLT MEN 3, below

Al Parker pornoclips


Director: Al Parker (1984)

Starring: Nick Rodgers, Chris West, Kevin Hunt, Mark Edwards, AL Parker, Daniel Holt, Chris Allen, Jesse Koehler, Gregory Girrard, Shawn Easton, and Brad Peters

Okay, just the preview is reminding me how much I loved watching Nick and Chris West together – and then when Chris gets it on with furry fuzzy Brad Peters (who you may remember from such films as Nova’s Neighborhood Watch, Surge’s A Few Good Men, Higgins’ Brothers Should Do It, and an odd little compilation called Singlehanded ) and it’s supposed to be a 3-way but who’s paying attention to Shawn Easton…. dig out your VCR and check for yourself!

Al Parker

Paul Brooks (ish)

from the 1982 magazine The Best of Al Parker (I do not own this one, yet) is this awesome image….but… don’t get me wrong, I love AL – but wouldn’t it have been cool if the perspective was also much lower, showing the full Paul Brooks enjoying Al?

Al Parker music in gay porno pornoclips

flashback music project

Al Parker’s Flashback

Director: Al Parker and Steve Scott (1981) – 68 minutes running time is this time from my notes back in 2009; this version I’ve uploaded seems to be only 65 minutes – hmmmm.

Starring: Al Parker, Kip Noll, Scott Taylor, Kirk Mannheim, David Wilcox, Chris Noll, and Steve Taylor (as Mr. Ross)

Al Parker is making a porn video and need more guys to star in it, besides himself

OKAY – so the movie is above, and we wanna do our best to figure out the soundtrack – below are a bunch of spots for us (you, the readers, and me, the porno-crazed blogger) to update – post in the comments and I will update this page accordingly – if you want to note what’s going on during the music you’ve identified, or how far into the film, that would help – hope it’s fun!

  • Aeo [Part 1 & 2] – Brian Brigs – opening scene with Al and photographer Kirk – (looped at least twice)
  • Violation – Saint Tropez
  • Was Dog A Doughnut — Cat Stevens (credit: zephyr)
  • Voices Inside My Head (vocal & inst.) – Common Sense (credit: zephyr)
  • Oxygène Part I – Jean Michel Jarre
  • Oxygène Part 2 – Jean Michel Jarre
  • Voice’s Inside My Head – Common Sense (credit: zephyr)

a utube tribute Al Parker Flashback

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