"vintage" porn stars eBay auctions


y’all probably know that eBay is shutting down it’s “mature audiences” section – which means I have been scrambling doing some buying, and lots of downloading of auction pics. But, if you know how to do it, you can still access completed auctions for awhile, and do some catching up. That’s how I found these of Clint Lockner – and I am sure I have them elsewhere, it just reminded me to post.

No disrespect to Clint, but I will say I’m not that into his dick – it’s a bit too skinny, and, well – BUT – he more than makes up with it with attitude! Just take a alook at the clip from Face To Face

more Clint Lockner

eBay auctions

code3stud goes to the Supreme Court

“Sgt. Dare searched eBay for other items offered for sale by Code3stud and discovered there were such items in eBay’s adults-only section. After complying with eBay’s access requirements, Sgt. Dare entered the adults-only section and viewed the listings for the items offered by Code3stud. Some of the listings contained Code3stud’s picture, and Sgt. Dare recognized the man pictured as Roe.”

another old post languishing in the drafts folder – which is actually a re-hash of the original post from 2004 – you’ll have to click through to read about the cop who sold his underwear on eBay, got fired, and his discrimination / wrongful termination suit that went all the way to the Supreme Court! Ah, the days of men selling their undies on eBay (there’s a smattering left of that) – it was like the wild west in the early 2000’s!

I think my 2004 post has some broken links – here’s a news article – ‘Code3Stud’ Loses Supreme Court Decision – that seems to still be up.

"vintage" porn stars eBay auctions

regrets, I’ve had a few….


soooooo, sometime back in 2005 I had this magazine,The AL PARKER ALBUM, which, not only did I sell, but I only took some scans, and not as large a file as I would do nowadays… so researching what happened to that magazine, I can see the below eBay auction for the magazine (waaaaaaahhhh, I was unemployed, I needed the money, waaaaaaaah) anyway, here it is, tidied up a bit, but funny, you’ll notice some pics are cropped. eBay had this set of rules, basically you could show nudity, but not sex. so this passed muster. Just as I was about to post this, I found another html file, and I forgot that i made a post with a link to an AL PARKER ALBUM page, with slightly different pics than the auction – promises, promises – check it out. And then, if you check out the magazine cover, they are different – so back in the 2000’s, I had TWO Al Parker Albums???? ughhhh!

eBay auction page below

  • 52 pages – only 2 are “ADS” – for other COLT products (8mm films with AL, and the COLT FOLIO)
  • 16 pages if beautiful color, the rest in Black & White
  • AL & Mike Davis from Timberwolves (1977 film) 6 pages, 11 photographs
  • anotehr 2-page, 8 photogrpah spread of them together in Making Hay – the two hot men during their first meetin amongst some haystacks!
  • AL & Tony Romano 6 pages, 9 photographs (see B & W kissing photo)
  • AL & Wolf Dehner in this hot photospread with this hot cop – 6 pages, 10 photographs
  • AL & Bob Bishop 8 pages, 19 photographs (looks like photos taken as same time as film shoot for Handtooled, in the van
  • 3 “solo” pics of AL from Handtooled (several hands join AL naked in the back of his van!)
  • AL meets TOBY! from thier only film together, CHUTE 8 pages, 15 photographs
  • AL & Mike Davis again, 6 additional pages, 13 photographs

please note: magazine in great condition EXCEPT – sligh dog-earing on front cover – see pic; and back cover has some “crinkling near bottom of page – see detail below

please note: copyright is 1982, but pics were obviously taken during AL PARKER’s days at COLT STUDIOS, in the 1970’s – this magazine has a sticker price of $10.00, but is otherwise identical to the same issue that has the $8.50 original price tag

check out about me page for other auctions

PRIORITY MAIL ($4.50 includes delivery confirmation – combine “wins” and save
i.e. 1-4 (depending on thickness) mags ship in U S PRIORITY MAIL FLAT RATE for $4.50)

Please pay by U.S. POSTAL money order, if possible, for fastest shipping; (other money orders, and checks ok, but may take 7-10 days to clear).

"vintage" porn stars eBay auctions

Le Motard

M.V.C. presente:

Le Motard

“Starring: Pascal Philippe, Patrick Lecache, Jean Francois, Franck Dominique, Christophe, William, Alain

due to having several auctions cancelled in the past, I don’t want to describe this video much, except to say

quality-wise: some tracking problems, and the color is a bit off (that slight greenishness)….. contentwise: its a bit arty….sometimes no sound, some parking garage encounters, but pretty cool, actually, if you like something a bit different than your average porn film…”

HA! I found this pic, and eBay auction file notes from 2001, while poking around the ol hard drive – I am confident the cover model was NOT in the video – there are more than a couple of you who know who this COLT model is…. right?

"vintage" porn stars eBay auctions

Pit Stop

finally beginning to sort through the porn that I’ve moved that I hope to sell; this is from a magazine called “PIT STOP”.
I think I didn’t sell it because it might be missing a page or pages – anyhoo – posting on eBay auctions coming soon – YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!!

"vintage" porn stars eBay auctions


TEX MURDOCK, who you may remember from such films as Leather Bond (contained in Fox Studio’s compilation Muscle Up), Cowboy’s Dreams, and Hot Beach.

eBay auction – MANDATE November 1980 TEX MURDOCK; COLT’s Corky Sexton; COSCO

"vintage" porn stars eBay auctions

BJ’s auctions end Sunday? Not to be continued until September???

Yup, it’s true. Moving day is in 3 weeks, 6 days. Leaving NYC! (moving to Provincetown to be with my baby fulltime!!) yikes! so check out the remaining auctions at the link below.

eBay auction – eBay auctions

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