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Director: Steve Scott (1981)

Starring: David Wilcox, J.W. King, Scott Anderson, Mickey Squires, and Clint Lockner (as a highway patrolman, of course!); plus Will Seagers, Miles Mitchell, Keith Allen, Bill Davies, and Derek Stanton

Young man (Scott Anderson) travels to California because he MUST meet his favorite porn star, J.W. King. But before ge gets there, he is picked up hitchhiking by highway patrolman Clint Lockner, who forces him into giving a blowjob.

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Thought you might like this, it’s a print ad for Face To Face from a 1981 issue of the Bay Area Reporter, where it was playing at the Nob Hill Cinema:

Digging around through their archive I found a pic of Jim/J.W. King I hadn’t seen before, he’s got a beard and a leather armband and it says it’s from Close-Up Productions. Just wondering if you had seen it, or knew of a better quality pic:

(hope these links work, the urls are insanely long)

great ad! hadn’t seen that. J W has been in Close-Up #2 and Close-Up #5; if not more from that series – #2 has the leather and the beard, and he’s on the cover. #5, alas, I sold back in 2004

you can see there are several guys for us to explore further in the CLOSE-UP series….

That pic of bearded Jim is great, and has to be from the same photo shoot and magazine, thanks! Think he wears a dog collar in some of the other pics if I’m not mistaken. The beard definitely suited him when he grew it out, as in Gold Rush Boys also. Your last image with the descriptions of the Close-Up guys is very informative as well. I saw another page on B.A.R.’s archive with some more info about Close-Up, including an earlier film version of Tightropes that apparently wasn’t very good, and the article has some nice pics of Steven Collins, Tony Michaels, Dusty Sands and an incredibly hot pic of “daddy” Bill Curtis who I don’t think has any film credits? Couldn’t find him listed on gevi anyway, the issue date for this one was 10-13-83:

John F. Karr was the porn reviewer and an editor for the paper then, his columns can be a bit bitchy at times but also has lots of info about the then-new films and magazines he would recap for the readers. He had a thing for Jim King, referred to him as the Prince of Porn on more than one occasion. The full archive is here if you ever want to scroll through some of the issues, might be a handy occasional reference guide:

As I’ve said before, what makes porn so powerful; is that it makes you confront, what you may discover to be exciting. Even the things, you didn’t know or regret, were in you! : /

Ultimately, I was disgusted with this sequence. I sympathize with Scott, when he spits out the cop’s sperm. This, right after the cop urinates, before being blown. Yuck! I don’t like scenes that feature abuse or torture. Yet at the same time, I couldn’t look away. I did find it to be compelling, like a train wreck. : 0

It’s genuinely shocking! I could only imagine that using an actual police car and uniform, wasn’t lawful. Clint Lockner must have had connections. : /

What also made it undeniably exciting; is that you get to hear Lockner’s actual voice. It’s an unveiling – his only talkie! Sometimes hearing porn stars’ voices, for the first time, can be unsettling or surprising.

For example, Daryl Brock proved to be a disappointment to me, because his voice was whiny. It was a shame, because he looked so masculine. I was surprised to learn that Roger’s voice sounded so boyish.

It’s interesting that we’ve never been able to hear Bruno’s voice. So many of Colt’s, Target’s, and Fox’s porn loops; didn’t have recorded audio. The three studios, which I wished they had – my favorites! : (

Luckily, Lockner’s voice was deep and gravely! So he sounded like he looked! He also had authority, and an actor’s tension and control. How I wish, he would have made more films, where he talked!

I also wished he made films, where his eyes weren’t covered with shades. And yes, call me a squish, but I could do without all his kink and fetish – his preference? Is more “vanilla”, out of the question?

I know some won’t like that I’m always asking for “vanilla”. At one point, I was considering the alias, “Vanilla’s Nice” for my user handle. Hey, I thought it was witty. : )

All-male porn is always in need of personality and masculinity. I never take those for granted.

Oh well, part of the fun of porn, is imagining what could have been, when it ultimately doesn’t completely satisfy you. I’ve made this point before. I’m always hopeful for more satisfaction. : )

Clint Lockner was great, but he could have been even GREATER! : (

; )

generally, I agree about the abuse, torture – not at all appealing. this is one of those exceptions for me, and it’s CLINT! but it also kinda makes me feel creepy enjoying it, ya know?

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