"vintage" porn stars Surge Studios


Mike Davis & (Al Parker’s partner) Steve Taylor, from a 1980 Surge Studios magazine – I sold this back in 2017, 48 pages – 16 in full gorgeous color! only 1 ad page – for SURGE magazines. They’ve never (to my knowledge) appeared on film together, and this might be the only magazine spread…?

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Ah, Steve Taylor. The clean-cut, well groomed businessman or lawyer that you pass on the street, or see in a meeting that you wish, wish you could fuck around with. And with Steve, your wish might, just might, have come true! A really, REALLY sexy daddy before “daddies” were a subgenre. Al featured him brilliantly in “Inches” (sorry Al, zero acting credits for you in the fantasy dream sequence!). Rugged, sturdy, manly. He should have been what wrangler became.

Sorry, I know this is self-indulgent (when did that ever stop me!), but I can’t resist!

You probably know that Joe Gage’s website was hacked, and all his previous online photos, were destroyed. I haven’t posted a response, since then. : (

Here’s my comment to a Surge Studio picture of Steve Taylor, wearing a bandana, as a head band. He responded!

Sorry you can’t see the image. If I ever find it, I’ll post it. : )

; )

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