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California Boys

California Boys (1982) directed by: Steve Scott

starring: Jim King, Beau Matthews, Ed Wiley, Jim Rogers, Bob Masters, Larry Jones, David Anders (AKA Brian Hawks), Macintosh, Glen Robertson, and introducing Joe Andrews (making me wonder when this was shot, as he appeared in other films well before 1982)

plot: Joe Andrews, the owner of a male escort service, is interviewing a potential employee, describing various scenarios other employees have encountered – and finally, in this final scene, Joe and interviewee Glen Robertson get it on. (Did I just see J W King?) I let the credits role til the end, sometimes it’s interesting…

previously posted scene with Beau Matthews and Ed Wiley

Speaking of Beau Matthews, reading up on this film, there’s another scene with Beau – sigh – more “research”!!!

previously posted scene with Beau Matthews and Ed Wiley

pornoclips Steve Scott

Screen Play

there’s something about the look on Lee’s face that makes me love this photo. Not keen on the quality of many of the pics from this magazine (Long Ryder – many images also appear in Bullpen), but these are a couple of the better ones. As you probably know, in the film Lee Ryder plays a drifter who stumbles upon a western being made in the California desert, and begins an affair with the star of the film, Eric Ryan. yadda yadda yadda, by the end of the film Lee is fucking around with Eric’s personal assistant, Jon King. I left in the closing 2 minutes, which includes credits and theme song.

Director: Steve Scott (1984)

Starring: Lee Ryder, Jon King, Eric Ryan, Michael Carr, Robert Vega, Brian Palmer, Champ Larue, Mike Braun, Danny Combs; this (final) scene: Lee Ryder and Jon King

Original song Lookin’ written by Kelchy McHong, performed by Robert Kimbrough

pornoclips Steve Scott


Director: Steve Scott (1984)
Starring: Casey Donovan, Steve Collins, Daniel Holt, Eric Ryan, Steve Anthony, Peter Ware, Mark Leonard, Steve Peters, and Jorge Rodriquez

another clip

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Love this Daniel Holt narrated preview clip – Gosh, which reminds me Daniel Holt should get a “pornstar videography” page dedicated to him – but no – must thin out the drafts folder! A favorite scene for me from this film is when Steve Collins is shopping at All American Boy, in the West Village, and Daniel Holt cruises him, and they both head to the Piers!

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scene 4 – Gold Rush Boys

Director: Steve Scott (1983)

the full running time is 72 minutes running time – but many VHS and DVD versions seem to have only 60 minutes!

Starring: Kurt Williams, Mike Braun, Ben Barker, Nick Jarrett, Joe Reeves, Rick Faulkner, Lee Adams, Jay Cole, Brian Nichols, Paul Monroe, J W King

This scene with Joe Reeves (best known for his scene in HUGE 1 and Boys of Company F.) is a highlight – handsome, lightly hairy body, very affectionate and sensual for a whore house! Joe chooses the new guy, Kurt Williams. Slow body licking, oral, and then Joe tops, all the while kissing and holding Kurt. Many version of the VHS and later DVD have this scene chopped up – but not here!

you may remember there was some discussion in the comments section for the other Kurt Williams about this film and this scene.

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Director: Steve Scott (1981)

Starring: David Wilcox, J.W. King, Scott Anderson, Mickey Squires, and Clint Lockner (as a highway patrolman, of course!); plus Will Seagers, Miles Mitchell, Keith Allen, Bill Davies, and Derek Stanton

Young man (Scott Anderson) travels to California because he MUST meet his favorite porn star, J.W. King. But before ge gets there, he is picked up hitchhiking by highway patrolman Clint Lockner, who forces him into giving a blowjob.

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Al + Steve


Director: Steve Scott (1981) 60 minutes running time (these are notes from when I sold a copy on Ebay some years back – don’t worry, I still have this in my collection!

Starring: Al Parker, Jack Wrangler, Will Seagers, Dan Noble, Duff Paxton, Frank Ross, R.W. Stone (AKA Ray Medina), Rob Stevens, Sam Benson, and Steve Taylor

One of two films with Al Parker and Jack Wrangler. Wrangler plays an evil prison guard, forcing men into having sex with him. Parker escapes with straight fellow prisoner Will Seagers, who can’t bare the thought of having gay sex. They are chained together for most of the escape a la The Defiant Ones.

  • Opening sequence has prison warden Jack Wrangler getting oral sex from prisoner R.W. Stone (AKA Ray Medina). Parker and his straight cell-mate Will Seagers lie in their cell and decide to escape before “it’s their turn.”
  • The next day, outdoors doing road work, Al and Will make their break _ while, again, Wrangler is getting oral and anal service, this time by bearded Sam Benson.
  • The escaped duo ends up in a desolate cabin inhabited by rough-looking Duff Paxton. With Parker and Seagers still bound together, Al and Duff relax 69 style that night, with Seagers pretending to be asleep, enduring the homosexual act beside him.
  • Seagers can’t seem to take the sexual issues and hits Parker the next day, breaking himself free and traveling out on his own, only to get caught in a bear trap in the woods. Parker finds and frees him, with Seagers beginning to understand his “odd” buddy. Parker then relates a story of being in a prison shower while he was in the army, as the action switches to flashbacks. Here, he is used by Dan Noble and Rob Stevens.
  • He also tells of an affair with a ranch hand, real-life lover Steve Taylor. The setting in the barn, natural lighting, gentle guitar and harmonica, and the duo’s incredible passion for each other make this an amazingly hot and sexy scene.
  • Parker finally shows Seagers what it’s all about by giving him a memorable oral sex, complete with Seagers’s well-acted restraint mixed with enjoyment.
  • “The photography is near perfect and the harmonica and guitar music is a welcome change from the typical disco beats heard in other films. A decidedly masculine production that’s at once both a classic and an ode to gay male sexuality”. Produced by Frank Ross. No Condoms.

Jack Wrangler music in gay porno pornoclips Richard Locke Steve Scott

Gemini Jack

quick clip – love these two!

directed by: Steve Scott (1978)
Starring: Jack Wrangler, Richard Locke, Chris Adams, Duff Paxton, Mike Black, Terry King, John Seychelle, Lucas Severin, Jacque Houff, Doug Thompson, Gene Braun