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Kansas City Wrangler

Jack’s solo, above. Did you know that the original filming of this scene didn’t turn out, and Gage was going to work around it – but Wrangler insisted he fly back to re-do the shoot (hee-hee, I said shoot) – being the pro that he was!

brief, fun, and usually missing from most copies of KSTC – the “piss scene”

Jack Wrangler KCTC

Mr. Dirty Dirty Blond

The above clip, from Kansas City Trucking Co., is his solo whack-off; I’ve long been of the opinion that Jack is the best self-satisifier, he really knows how to pull his pud, but more so, show it off while he’s doing it. This is (one of) the dream sequences, where Steve Boyd, after having stumbled upon Jack and Richard Locke finishing up sex just before he meets them, now dreams about Jack. Another tidbit about this scene is that, apparently, in Jack’s telling of it, the filming of it didn’t work out. Jack got a call from Joe Gage that the scene would have to be re-envisioned, and without Jack’s solo, because the footage came out bad, and couldn’t be used. Jack hopped on on flight back to the west coast, at his own expense, to re-shoot (yes, pun intended!~). What a professional!

and of course the first scene of KCTC, Jack furiously whacking off, Richard Locke stumbles upon him, a bit of work talk (dubbed – who’s voices are those??!) before Jack says “We got time” and we’re glad they did! I often wonder how many movies Jack has worn that same jockstrap in…

KCTC Richard Locke

keep on truckin’

just love this shot, love Richard Locke, and love the film it comes from, Kansas City Trucking Co. (1976)

Joe Gage KCTC pornoclips


“The evening we loaded-in and prepared to install the vaunted SurroundUSound system a sedan packed with “bridge-and-tunnel” boys and their girlfriends slowed as they passed; the hunky driver leaned out the window and asked if we knew the location of a new club called “Studio 54”. We–California and Chicago dudes– of course had no clue.”

I’ve said it a million times before, the haunting theme, those first few minutes of SOUND, not imagery, always sends me back to a dark all-male movie theatre. sigh. Of course, the intoxicating sounds weren’t only coming from the big screen, but behind the screen’s “secret spot” in the seats, downstairs in the cubicles, but it still always had the background noises from the films themselves, this one most notably.

Born Again by Charles Colson (who “found new life – not with success and power, but while in national disgrace and serving a prison sentence.”).

more sounds – Episode 22

Jack Wrangler KCTC pornoclips Richard Locke

how ya doin’, Hank?

Director: Joe Gage (1976) Starring: Richard Locke, Jack Wrangler, Steve Boyd, Duff Paxton, Kurt Williams (“Desert Rat”), Dane Tremmell, Skip Shepherd, Bud Jaspar, and Maria Reina (Boyd’s girl – non-sexual role). Plus, the truckstop guys: David Fairman, Fred Baker, Jay Romero, Mark Davis, Tony Hill, and Joe Gage

Nick Elliot (directory of photography) Al Steinman (music, including the haunting theme), Glen Nathan (sound)

Locke pulls into the garage and immediately opens his fly for Wrangler. Meanwhile, young lad Steve Boyd is showering, showing off his lusciously soapy asscheeks for the camera as he prepares to embark on his first cross country trucking expedition with Locke. As country tunes warble in the background, Boyd’s girlfriend drives him to the garage while Wrangler and Locke climax setting the stage for Boyd and Locke’s departure in the 18 wheeler. Wrangler is down to his jockstrap, jeans pulled down as Locke tops him.

As the trade paper Variety summed up at the time of its release, this one is “overt and unashamed… a male sex drama that is artful, refreshing, commercial and erotic!”

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Jack Wrangler Joe Gage KCTC pornoclips


Jack Wrangler, my all-time favorite masturbator (well, other than…. ), just gives it his all when whacking on his big meat – so hot! Video clip is from the Turnpike scene in Joe Gage‘s Kansas City Trucking Co. Did you know that after completing filming for this movie, Gage told Wrangler that his big whack-off scene didn’t turn out well, and wouldn’t be included; Jack, ever the pro, flew back to New York so Gage could re-film! Isn’t that great??!!

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