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HANDsome Dad

Some weeks back, I stumble upon a comment that I missed/neglected on a Clinton Coe postThis was not Clinton Coe’s only porn film. He was also the “dad” on the phone with his “son” in the first sex scene in Joe Gage’s “HANDsome” (1981).” – which puzzled me, as he is not credited. But, its Joe Gage, and who knows who winds up in orgy scenes, and maybe he was part of “THE GAGE MEN” – so let’s go to the videotape. Then I realized, that I had always assumed the Dad figure, at least the shots of him on the phone, were Joe Gage himself. But now I think it must be Ron Clayton, no?

Director: Joe Gage (1981)

with an awesome Man Parrish soundtrack (we’re looking at you, Dark Entries Records for a soundtrack release!)

The pic on left, Gage, no? HANDsome at GEVI (note the more extensive cast listing, which might be from the DVD release, which ain’t necessarily accurate). Keep scrolling for full movie link. and a mish mosh of cast listing, as even on my own pages it’s not consistent.

or is it Ron Clayton – who’s done only one film???? Or maybe it’s Joe’s face, Ron’s cock? or someone else’s cock!!?? Notice you don’t get full face, nor do you get face WITH body

HANDsome (full movie) – maybe afterwards, we can go out to the garage, and you can get your hands on those tools you’ve been wanting to……

Roy Garrett, Ron Clayton, presenting J.D. Slater, and THE GAGE MEN

Starring J.D. Slater, Ron Clayton, Roy Garrett, Bill Geary, Robert West, Rick Youngblood, Joe Gage, and others not credited.

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Where Joey Lives

Director: DeSimone – – – edit: actually, Jason Sato (1977)

(I actually don’t have this title on my DESIMONE DIRECTOR page, but GEVI does – and I am re-editing this post with JASON SATO as director, but I don’t have a source, but am reasonably confident)

Starring: Tim O’Brien, Kurt Williams, Dick Trask, Joe Gage (narrator); others unknown (no actual credits for anyone)

OKAY – first, the BIJOU boxcover art just above does NOT show anyone from the film (although I would LOVE to know who this is!); one of my many pornopeeves (inaccurate boxcover art; missing scenes, the list goes on…). Nor do I think the one below, from an earlier release on VCX – but again, would love to know where it is from – seems to be 2 guys maybe going into a basement apartment somewhere in NYC, maybe? Oh, still working on a DICK TRASK videography, and thought this scene would be a nice part of that.

Previously on BJland – Where Joey Lives

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“The evening we loaded-in and prepared to install the vaunted SurroundUSound system a sedan packed with “bridge-and-tunnel” boys and their girlfriends slowed as they passed; the hunky driver leaned out the window and asked if we knew the location of a new club called “Studio 54”. We–California and Chicago dudes– of course had no clue.”

I’ve said it a million times before, the haunting theme, those first few minutes of SOUND, not imagery, always sends me back to a dark all-male movie theatre. sigh. Of course, the intoxicating sounds weren’t only coming from the big screen, but behind the screen’s “secret spot” in the seats, downstairs in the cubicles, but it still always had the background noises from the films themselves, this one most notably.

Born Again by Charles Colson (who “found new life – not with success and power, but while in national disgrace and serving a prison sentence.”).

more sounds – Episode 22

Heatstroke Joe Gage pornoclips

Private Club

Director: Joe Gage (1982)

cute lil’ Bob Shane as the clerk who won’t let “over-the-hill” John Steele into a sex club. Rejected and dejected, Steele slowly leaves, but is joined by another rejectee, Bud Wallace (too preppy). A brief commiseration leads to, of course, hot sex! Don’t let this social commentary on the emerging gay scene of the early 80’s distract too much, as the sex scene that follows isn’t just a couple of guys helping each other, this one has real passion, including a good deal of kissing that is sometimes missing from other Gage scenes (usually related to the specifics of the sex dynamics of the particular scene). Inter-cut with Rory at the rodeo, these men make out, grope, and slowly undo pants and have great oral sex. And of course, the Man Parrish soundtrack really makes the scene, and film, complete.

"vintage" porn stars Heatstroke Joe Gage

private club

Bob Shane

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Closed Set II – soundtrack

Closed Set II

Director: Joe Gage (1984)
so – “we” nearly got all the songs identified back in January 2020 thanks to zephyr – (and by “WE” I mean he – all but 3 or 4!!! ) – check out more details in the comments over on the original post

  • unknown song #1 Left Overs – The M.G.’s – (1:30 – 4:15)
  • Don’t Stop Your Love – Booker T – (4:15 – 17:58)
  • unknown song #2 -“Drivin’ Wheel” – Emmylou Harris (from “White Shoes” 1983) (17:58 – 20:40) – from contributor “JustMe”
  • I Love A Rainy Night – Eddie Rabbitt – (20:40 – 23:26)
  • Looking Out My Back Door – CCR – (23:26 – 24:47)
  • Let’s Get Over Them Together – Moe Bandy & Becky Hobbs – (24:47 – 27:24)
  • Paradise Tonight – Charly McClain & Mickey Gilley – (27:24 – 30:14)
  • Slow Burn – T.G. Sheppard –(30:14 – 33:16)
  • Somebody’s Gonna Love You – Lee Greenwood –(33:16 – 36:25)
  • Jose Cuervo – Shelly West – (36:25 – 38:58)
  • ad for something called Delwood – (38:58 – 39:52)
  • Who’s Cheatin’ Who – Charly McClain – (39:52 – 41:54)
  • How Could I Love Her So Much – Johnny Rodriguez – (41:54 – 44:35)
  • Sundown – Gordon Lightfoot – (44:35 – 47:44)
  • Here Comes The Hurt Again – Mickey Gilley – (47:44 – 50:18)
  • Holdin’ The Bag – Moe Bandy & Joe Stampley – (50:18 – 52:38)
  • When I’m Away From You – Bellamy Brothers – (52:38 – 57:28)
  • Houston Means I’m One Day Closer To You – Gatlin Brothers – (57:28 – 1:00:14)
  • unknown song #3 – Leaving the Past – Booker T. & The M.G.’s – (1:00:14 – 1:03:10)
  • unknown song #4 – Frustration – Booker T. & The M.G.’s – – (1:03:10 – 1:14:25)

edit: OOOOOPPPPPPPS! heehee! I was so busy posting this, I neglected to actually play the movie in the background while working on this – Of course the opening theme, The M.G.’s – Left Overs (Bucaramanga), is playing throughout the original Closed Set! and is one of those “trademark” Joe Gage sounds that can instantly get me horny I heard it so much in the porno theatres back (ahem) years ago.. I need to re-post that trailer…it’s linked in the link above.