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Closed Set II – soundtrack

Closed Set II

Director: Joe Gage (1984)
so – “we” nearly got all the songs identified back in January 2020 thanks to zephyr – (and by “WE” I mean he – all but 3 or 4!!! ) – check out more details in the comments over on the original post

  • unknown song #1 Left Overs – The M.G.’s – (1:30 – 4:15)
  • Don’t Stop Your Love – Booker T – (4:15 – 17:58)
  • unknown song #2 -“Drivin’ Wheel” – Emmylou Harris (from “White Shoes” 1983) (17:58 – 20:40) – from contributor “JustMe”
  • I Love A Rainy Night – Eddie Rabbitt – (20:40 – 23:26)
  • Looking Out My Back Door – CCR – (23:26 – 24:47)
  • Let’s Get Over Them Together – Moe Bandy & Becky Hobbs – (24:47 – 27:24)
  • Paradise Tonight – Charly McClain & Mickey Gilley – (27:24 – 30:14)
  • Slow Burn – T.G. Sheppard –(30:14 – 33:16)
  • Somebody’s Gonna Love You – Lee Greenwood –(33:16 – 36:25)
  • Jose Cuervo – Shelly West – (36:25 – 38:58)
  • ad for something called Delwood – (38:58 – 39:52)
  • Who’s Cheatin’ Who – Charly McClain – (39:52 – 41:54)
  • How Could I Love Her So Much – Johnny Rodriguez – (41:54 – 44:35)
  • Sundown – Gordon Lightfoot – (44:35 – 47:44)
  • Here Comes The Hurt Again – Mickey Gilley – (47:44 – 50:18)
  • Holdin’ The Bag – Moe Bandy & Joe Stampley – (50:18 – 52:38)
  • When I’m Away From You – Bellamy Brothers – (52:38 – 57:28)
  • Houston Means I’m One Day Closer To You – Gatlin Brothers – (57:28 – 1:00:14)
  • unknown song #3 – Leaving the Past – Booker T. & The M.G.’s – (1:00:14 – 1:03:10)
  • unknown song #4 – Frustration – Booker T. & The M.G.’s – – (1:03:10 – 1:14:25)

edit: OOOOOPPPPPPPS! heehee! I was so busy posting this, I neglected to actually play the movie in the background while working on this – Of course the opening theme, The M.G.’s – Left Overs (Bucaramanga), is playing throughout the original Closed Set! and is one of those “trademark” Joe Gage sounds that can instantly get me horny I heard it so much in the porno theatres back (ahem) years ago.. I need to re-post that trailer…it’s linked in the link above.

"vintage" porn stars Joe Gage pornoclips


Jack Wrangler, my all-time favorite masturbator (well, other than…. ), just gives it his all when whacking on his big meat – so hot! Video clip is from the Turnpike scene in Joe Gage‘s Kansas City Trucking Co. Did you know that after completing filming for this movie, Gage told Wrangler that his big whack-off scene didn’t turn out well, and wouldn’t be included; Jack, ever the pro, flew back to New York so Gage could re-film! Isn’t that great??!!

Joe Gage porn blogs

Joe Gage blog

Trying to highlight other porn blogs, and while I prefer vintage stuff, more importantly I prefer blogs and websites with minimal advertising – at least for those I recommend. You can’t get much better than Joe Gage’s – it’s a wonderful mix of internet found naughty pics, pop culture, and of course, peaks into his own work – for example these lovely pics I hope he doesn’t mind me posting from, yes, I’m 5 years behind, American Bukkake: Business Edition (2015) – the highlight is the insatiable redhead (or is that redbeard?) Brock Rustin; but don’t forget a great warm up from Justin Beal.

And tell him BJ sent you!

Joe Gage pornoclips

Joe Gage – Closed Set II

was asked a bazillion years ago about posting this so enjoy! from director Joe Gage (duh!) – no actor/model credits, but of the 19 guys, you can see – J.D. Warshaw (who you should recognize from 501 ), Daniel Holt, Joe Gage (allegedly, although I personally haven;t yet spotted him), Richard West, and Tom Law. The intro uses the same music and sound effects from the first Closed Set, but then it sounds like a boombox in the room playing random music. The last 20 minutes tries to recreate the last scene from the original – not possible to be that hot, but it’s alright. What do you think?

anyone want to add to the cast listing, (or the musical soundtrack!) comment below or email me, please! (like the redhead from In the Name of Leather – what’s his name?)

"vintage" porn stars directors Joe Gage

Oil Rig 99

Starring Ryan Harker, Bud Wallace; Carrado Quinto, Jesse Jones, Jose Morales, Jeff Stone, and Tharon Davis. Directed by Mac Larsen (AKA Joe Gage).

Roy Garrett is on the box cover art (see the color insert?), but not in the film!!

intro, great voiceover, then footage of the “wilds” of Africa (Bronx Zoo, including a tiger – which doesn’t live in Africa, but I digress)

The new guy is wearing safari gear, even though he’s been assigned to, and just landed at,. an Oil Rig.

about 10 minutes in, finally the first signs of sex; the crew is asleep in their bunks, and one guy wakes up to find 2 others fooling around.

gayeroticvideoindex lists two uncredited actors, Bosch Wagner and Roy Garrett

other rambling on this topic

"vintage" porn stars directors Joe Gage pornoclips

Red Ball Express

Red Ball Express

Director: Mac Larson (Joe Gage) (1982) 57 minutes running time

(this scene: Roy Garrett and Bob Shane)

Starring: Mickey Squires, Jayson MacBride, Jeff Stone, Roy Garrett, Daniel Holt, Bob Shane, Wayne Stephens; plus the RED BALL CREW: Bill Anawatt, Marty Jesus, Daye Simon, Terry Hunt, Hal Brighan, Tristan Carson, Paul Stapleton, John Sammartino, Gerry Condit, Kyle Grayzel

Wolf, played by beefy, bearded Mickey Squires, delivers moonshine from Arkansas. His boss, O’Bannion (Jayson MacBride), guides Wolf on his deliveries by CB radio, where his sexual hints make Wolf anxious to meet him in Chicago.

You might need a willing suspension of disbelief for this film – ignore that Mickey is driving what appears to be a Gremlin, not a truck; Roy and Bob are firemen outfitted in construction helmets; the facade of the firehouse looks awfully like the one on 3rd street in Manhattan; the inside of the firehouse looks an awful lot like my tenement apartment on 15th street in the 80’s…… but, but…. Roy and Bob ARE hot – watch through to the end! (I had forgotten how well Bob Shane …well, you’ll see)

Joe Gage music in gay porno

Porn Got Me My Record Deal

WOW! WOW! WOW! – just watched this, soooo cool! Man Parrish and the story behind his music for Joe Gage’s Heatstroke. Just one of about 40 chapters in this series, Man Parrish Stories, that he put together last summer after deciding writing a book wasn’t goona happen, why not just make, and publish, himself telling his stories? Can’t wait to watch more!