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hot talk tape

Clinton Coe, in his Richard Locke t-shirt, with his walkman listening to one of Joe Gage’s HOT TALK TAPES. Apparently Coe was in only one porno film, Gage’s Heatstroke. There he plays Jud, the only cowboy left at the ranch on a Saturday night, trying to pass the time reading Rollo May’s Love and Will. For some odd reason, that doesn’t quite do it for him, so he goes for a walk in the woods. This is one of my favorite scenes from my favorite films, when he stumbles upon Casey Donovan, babbling naughty fantasy scenarios like a stoned slam poet over rapidly edited footage – an all out orgy with filthy voice-over – Jud’s Fantasy – written by Rick L. Pollack. At first we see Casey servicing a hugely endowed faceless Black man as Clinton masturbates, watching from the bushes; then it’s both Casey and Clinton enjoying oral on several men, as the filthy talk continues. Both men perform admirably……… anyhoo, this pic is from a 5-page Blueboy February 1982 spread – The Eight Most Eligible Men in New York Nightlife check it out – and scroll all the way down for Man Parrish‘s nice armpits and cute tummy!

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This was not Clinton Coe’s only porn film. He was also the “dad” on the phone with his “son” in the first sex scene in Joe Gage’s “HANDsome” (1981).

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