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Some weeks back, I stumble upon a comment that I missed/neglected on a Clinton Coe postThis was not Clinton Coe’s only porn film. He was also the “dad” on the phone with his “son” in the first sex scene in Joe Gage’s “HANDsome” (1981).” – which puzzled me, as he is not credited. But, its Joe Gage, and who knows who winds up in orgy scenes, and maybe he was part of “THE GAGE MEN” – so let’s go to the videotape. Then I realized, that I had always assumed the Dad figure, at least the shots of him on the phone, were Joe Gage himself. But now I think it must be Ron Clayton, no?

Director: Joe Gage (1981)

with an awesome Man Parrish soundtrack (we’re looking at you, Dark Entries Records for a soundtrack release!)

The pic on left, Gage, no? HANDsome at GEVI (note the more extensive cast listing, which might be from the DVD release, which ain’t necessarily accurate). Keep scrolling for full movie link. and a mish mosh of cast listing, as even on my own pages it’s not consistent.

or is it Ron Clayton – who’s done only one film???? Or maybe it’s Joe’s face, Ron’s cock? or someone else’s cock!!?? Notice you don’t get full face, nor do you get face WITH body

HANDsome (full movie) – maybe afterwards, we can go out to the garage, and you can get your hands on those tools you’ve been wanting to……

Roy Garrett, Ron Clayton, presenting J.D. Slater, and THE GAGE MEN

Starring J.D. Slater, Ron Clayton, Roy Garrett, Bill Geary, Robert West, Rick Youngblood, Joe Gage, and others not credited.

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Joe seems to have given himself a lot of wiggle room with his use of the phrase ‘Gage men’, I mean any guy who appeared in one of his films could have been described that way. Between the orgy scenes in both the Closed Set movies, L.A. Tool & Die, etc. there are a number of examples where you either never see some of the faces, or they are obscured in shadow or filmed from behind.

I think that is Joe himself as the dad in the short clip here, at least the lower half of his body jacking off. And maybe his face as well, though that’s harder to say as it’s only shown from the side. For comparison if you carefully watch the scene he appeared in before he started directing in Where Joey Lives (which you left a clip for here) and focus most of your attention on Joe’s cock, and compare it to this clip. The clearest it’s seen are when the camera is tilted sideways for a bit, while one of the bearded ghosts (Dick Trask and Tim O’Brien, right?) is sucking him, and the other is licking Joe’s leg. I’d describe it as near average length, and quite a bit thicker than most cocks, protruding straight out as opposed to angled one way or the other, and with a small mushroom head to it. And he shoots quite a big load, all of which resemble the dad’s dick in this scene of Handsome.

Joe is still alive, right? I know he gave an interview to Butt magazine a few years back, he’s likely among the few directors from the golden age of 70s / early 80s who is still around. Someone should do an extensive interview with him to clear up a lot of the mysteries about his films, first and foremost exactly where he appears in any of them (not to mention the specific songs he used when he could get away with borrowing whatever music he wanted).

“‘Gage men’, I mean any guy who appeared in one of his films could have been described that way.” – yes, exactly!! That’s the idea – regular guys who have sexy with other regular guys.

I’m intrigued that you think its JOE’s cock, but not his face – and as much as I’d love to read Joe interviewed, I think sometimes we overthink what was going on in their heads, and whether they even remember why and how stuff was done! Why he got out of the business (in the mid 80’s) has got at least 3 different explanations, and I think the most likely is – not much money left in it once anyone with a videocam could do it.

But i’ll give you lots of credit for studying those 2 (possibly same) cocks!

Thanks, I worked long and hard at it ;) I can’t say for sure especially since the camera on his face is zoomed in so close. But the dick seemed close to what Joe looked like in Where Joey Lives.

As for why he got out of directing, I’d read that he married and had two sons with his wife a few years apart, and that was at least partly why he took a break from the porn side, until they were old enough to understand dad’s side gig. I believe one of his now-adult sons has created music for some of his later films, though I don’t know the name he used. Joe wanted to pursue legit directing and film work, and then of course AIDS came along and was hugely impactful on the gay porn industry. Not to mention the explosion in content (and corresponding decrease in quality) once videotape recording replaced shooting on film, as you said. So maybe it was a combination of factors. Still, an interview with him would be interesting to read.

Wow, I am so excited about this post!

I love Joe Gage, I loved HANDsome and I loved that scene. Although I particularly liked the dad part, yes? I had the VHS tape. Need to try to sleep, but I had to say something.

So, adding to the intrigue, do we even know that the person who voiced the dad (so hot) was the same as the model jerking off?

Thank you Zephyr, for your HARD work. And thanks BJ, for bringing this topic up and such a great post. And the video clips!!

“do we even know that the person who voiced the dad (so hot) was the same as the model jerking off?” – NO! no we don’t – which is one reason I love Gage’s work. who knows? does it matter? he’s looking for a look, a feeling; that’s why I love the dark shadows, orgy scenes where only “parts” are revealed – it is how we (or at least I) experience getting turned on – maybe we only see a partial view of a trucker’s face as his truck pulls out of the truckstop – it’s enough to get our imaginations to go wild! That’s another reason why the music is also so important, the sounds that go along with these experiences…

Yes, yes, YES!

I’m always cruising (even if no one’s cruising back these days). It’s mostly for the spank-bank. I’ll see an arm or a calf or the back of some guy’s neck in line at Starbucks or something and get so turned on. I try not to stare. Or lick the guy’s neck.

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