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3 mustaches

Face To Face

directed by: Steve Scott (1981)
Starring: David Wilcox, J.W. King, Scott Anderson, Mickey Squires and Clint Lockner (as a highway patrolman, of course!); plus Will Seagers, Miles Mitchell, Keith Allen, Bill Davies, and Derek Stanton

Young man (Scott Anderson) travels to San Francisco because he MUST meet his favorite porn star, J.W. King. Somehow he finds the gym he works out at, but not him. But we are treated to a hot 3-way between yummy Mickey Squires and two buddies – Will Seagers and Miles Mitchell – yum!

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Ah, Mr. Squires! Adorable Teddy Bear face, bulging tits, and that swollen, ready-to-pop ball sack. A true classic.

I’ve always loved this hot and hearty scene. It’s one of my favorite three-ways in mansex porn. Director Steve Scott truly was a master. Thanks for posting it. It’s very satisfying because of the generous portions of prime choice beef served. Seeing it again made me burp. To quote a profile from BigMuscle.Com, “A sandwich is just a sandwich. A man-wich is a meal!” Don’t you love where Mitchell instructs Seagers to enter him slowly by pointing his finger into his abdomen? It’s a pity Miles Mitchell, that sexy rascal, only did this picture and J. Brian’s “Flashback”. In that flick, you can hear his deep husky voice where he’s involved in another three-way with Will Seagers. He might have had a future in porn. He would have been perfect for either Colt or Target Studio loops. 1976? I don’t think so. According to GEVI and your Director Steve Scott page, this film was released 1981. Oh no! There I go again!

ahhh, i knew it was 1981, but did a bad copy/paste of my “video” template and forgot to change the date! Thanks for being my unofficial copy editor!

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