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code3stud goes to the Supreme Court

“Sgt. Dare searched eBay for other items offered for sale by Code3stud and discovered there were such items in eBay’s adults-only section. After complying with eBay’s access requirements, Sgt. Dare entered the adults-only section and viewed the listings for the items offered by Code3stud. Some of the listings contained Code3stud’s picture, and Sgt. Dare recognized the man pictured as Roe.”

another old post languishing in the drafts folder – which is actually a re-hash of the original post from 2004 – you’ll have to click through to read about the cop who sold his underwear on eBay, got fired, and his discrimination / wrongful termination suit that went all the way to the Supreme Court! Ah, the days of men selling their undies on eBay (there’s a smattering left of that) – it was like the wild west in the early 2000’s!

I think my 2004 post has some broken links – here’s a news article – ‘Code3Stud’ Loses Supreme Court Decision – that seems to still be up.

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