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y’all probably know that eBay is shutting down it’s “mature audiences” section – which means I have been scrambling doing some buying, and lots of downloading of auction pics. But, if you know how to do it, you can still access completed auctions for awhile, and do some catching up. That’s how I found these of Clint Lockner – and I am sure I have them elsewhere, it just reminded me to post.

No disrespect to Clint, but I will say I’m not that into his dick – it’s a bit too skinny, and, well – BUT – he more than makes up with it with attitude! Just take a alook at the clip from Face To Face

more Clint Lockner

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I did hear about that, even though I never really spend any time on Ebay, maybe I should. I thought I tried to warn you about it, but maybe I never got around to it?

Clint Lockner was always placed around the middle of my faves list. Not at the bottom, because he’s definitely hot. He’s a Colt man for God’s sake! But I was never certain about him either. It was partly his slightly skinny dick, but it was something else I can no longer put my finger on. Still, every time I see a photo of him, I’m like “Damn, not bad!” I’m not gonna’ kick him out of bed because of a skinny dick.

I like the upper photo best though. He’s so perfect for the “cop” role in any gay porno. Always with the shades and never smiling.

I saw the dreamiest, hottest cop the other day. I had to call 911 because an elderly woman in my appt building wasn’t answering. Sadly, she had died. This cop helped to calm me down. Not like that! Dirty minds!

He was a cop OR he may have been an EMT. I can’t remember. I can only picture him naked now, so there you go. So sad.

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