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soap studs

Franco Gonella (who we loved especially in Too Big for His Britches) and Jeff Turk from the Al Parker film, Oversize Load

quality of pics (from eBay auctions of the magazine Soap Studs) not so great but those men!

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Yes! I love the title. I mean, based on the title, this was a daytime TV fan magazine I once saw in the grocery store magazine section in the 1980s. Memories. Also, those romance paperbacks with the muscle studs on the cover. Mmmm.

Jeff Turk! Looking so studly with his tight body and tight little ‘stache. I wasn’t as familiar with the other guy, but very dark and sexy! Thanks for introducing him.

And not seen above, but also featured in this mag, (almost as an afterthought), Scott O’Hara. He does the obligatory solo suck in one pic, of which I never tire. The three of them together: heaven.

Thanks BJ!

OMG Franco Gonella’s gorgeous dick in that last shot…I always see him sucking, and he looks great doing that, but with a dick like that? And what a gift to the copious ass lucky enough to get fucked with it.

Indeed, very exciting when the cocksucker is as hot as the suckee, or even hotter. That second photo is dynamite, where he’s sucking ass and has this raging hard-on that’s just magnificent. He’s totally uninhibited and has a lot of charm.

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